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Kym's wall hangings with a difference

01 Jan 2016

While many turn to wool and cotton for their woven wall hangings, designer Kym Church decided upon a different approach using wood, glue and Resene paint to sculpt her dreamy wall designs.

Each piece is created using delicate slats of blonde plywood, pinned together by wooden rods. Some of the plywood is left bare, some is painted in Resene colour, while other pieces are textured with cleanly-laid glue dots. The finished art work elegantly hangs by a soft white leather cord.

Kym creates the wall hangings at her home in Auckland, where she runs her business online. Customers can order the wall hangings in many shapes and sizes, and can choose their colour palette from a range of seasonal Resene paint colours. The shop also sells beautiful art prints, designed by Kym, using skills from her past life as a graphic designer.

It was while on maternity leave that she happened upon the business idea. Itching to be creative between baby duties, she dabbled in DIY art for her home. Praise poured in from friends and family, and left her with a lightbulb moment – why not sell them online?

While she calls her design style minimalist, the process behind the wall hangings is anything but. The plywood is cut by her husband, then Kym creates the design, masks up, paints then meticulously adds the individual glue dots.

Her colour staples are a wide selection of Resene grey tones, particularly Resene Concrete and Resene Silver Chalice, as they are "a fantastic partner to either monochrome or colour pops". Colour choices come down to a combination of what she personally likes and what is trending in magazines or online.

"When a client loves the work I have made for them it's always a kick. I love that my ideas are well received – it only fuels me to keep working on new designs."