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Rūma has it: Studio space where creativity is King

14 Apr 2022

When Jasmin was made redundant in the 2020 Covid lockdown, she turned a negative situation into colourful inspiration. For many years she had an idea in the back of her head to create a studio space for creativity and artistic workshops, and the pandemic gave her the push to create Studio Rūma in her granddad’s old building workshop in Orewa, decorating the space in Resene wallpapers and paint.

Jasmin decorated the studio in Resene Half Alabaster to create a neutral backdrop for photography.

“I have had this dream in my head for many years, I am a creative at heart, graphic designer by trade and just love design, colour, texture and making. I envision Rūma as a space to chill, chat and create,” says Jasmin.

“The Studio is in a space which was used by my grandad as his building workshop many years ago when he was a young local builder. Having this heritage is really special to me. Seeing multipurpose studios working abroad, I believe it is something the community and creatives alike, can benefit from.”


Workshop attendees get creative at Studio Rūma painting with Resene testpots.

 Since opening last year, Studio Rūma has run ceramics, embroidery and mandala workshops. The Paint & Sip evenings where the public can create using Resene paints over a glass of wine have been popular.

 “I've been loving hosting the Paint & Sip evenings, we use a Resene colour for the canvases - as it dries quickly and is so convenient with how many beautiful colours there are to choose from. We also use Resene paints for the Plaster art workshops, so that attendees can tie the artworks into their home decor by using a testpot of their choice. It's so wonderful seeing people create,” says Jasmine.

To renovate the old garage Jasmine chose Resene Ironsand for the exterior and Resene Half Alabaster for the main wall colour, “I needed a lovely white wall for photography,” says Jasmin.

 For the bathroom Jasmin chose Resene Wallpaper Collection AT7071 paired with Resene Paper Doll. “The wallpaper is a fun tropical wallpaper. We painted half of the wall in Resene Paper Doll, to lighten the mood and make it fun. I wanted an 'instagrammable' bathroom and this leads to the courtyard.


The courtyard exterior is Resene Ironsand which leads into the bathroom decorated in Resene Wallpaper Collection AT7071 paired with Resene Paper Doll.

Jasmin has big plans for the courtyard area which will have neon lights, festoons, a Resene FX Blackboard Paint bar and a leafy green mural and “all round good vibes”. “The courtyard is going to be the finale! Watch this space.”

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Published: 14 Apr 2022