Check out these luxurious living rooms from Three’s The Block NZ

Block-a-holics were treated to another week of creativity on Three’s The Block NZ. Living Room Week took the competition to new heights, with some of the cathedral-like spaces transformed in Resene Coast and Resene Double Ash

Up for grabs this week was the room reveal prize of $7,000, as well as $10,000 worth of exterior painting by a Resene Eco Decorator. Dinner Wars brought the heat, with teams ‘playing the game’ and scoring each other zero points. After a rescoring round, Dylan & Keegan took out the Resene Eco Decorator prize.  

The incredible architecture of the living rooms this week proved a challenge that the teams tackled head on, creating inspiring spaces with crisp Resene whites, blues and tans. Connie & Rach took out the $7,000 prize with their impressive double height lounge in Resene Barely There.

We take a closer look at the four living rooms this week: 

Connie & Rach’s Winning Living Room

Final Score: 26/30

Connie & Rach’s winning living room uses Resene Barely There on the walls, ceiling and trim. Resene Barely There creates a fabulous backdrop that highlights their natural décor. 

Connie & Rach’s winning living room glows with Resene Barely There on the walls, ceiling and trim. The double height bounces the natural light off the walls and enhances the openness of the space. The team incorporated accents of natural greens, including a large circular art piece that mimics the mirror in their master bedroom and a tall olive tree.

The judges thought their use of big, ambitious features such as the tree and art piece worked exceptionally well in the space. Chris loved the continuity between the master bedroom and living room with the textured wall and recessed television. The skylights were a big hit and the judges were wowed by the space. “I am emotionally drawn to the space, as soon as I walked in and saw that magnificent tree,” says Lauren. “There’s a beautiful luxe feeling.”

Connie & Rach used Resene Barely There on the walls and trim of their living room to accentuate the double height ceiling.

Dylan & Keegan’s Living Room 

Final Score: 24.5/30

Dylan & Keegan created a moody haven in their living room with a feature panelled wall in Resene Coast , surrounding walls in Resene Eighth Truffle, and ceiling and trim in Resene Alabaster.

Dylan & Keegan created an elegant living room fit for an executive couple this week. They continued the use of Resene Eighth Truffle on the walls with fresh Resene Alabaster trim and ceiling. They created a sumptuous feature wall in Resene Coast; a bold blue reminiscent of the Southern Wairarapa coastline. They paired the blue feature wall with beachy artwork and a luxe navy sofa.  

The judges loved the combination of the different floor textures and thought Dylan & Keegan had created a fabulous multipurpose space. Chris thought it was a bold move that’s paid off and the result was a confident space. The hidden wine cellar that utilised extra space under the stairs surprised the judges and they loved the thoughtful use of space. “I think this has got a fantastic balance of light and darks, it’s got a moody element but it’s also got a softness that we need,” says Ann Louise, who liked the Resene Coast feature wall. “It’s a glorious wall feature”

The Resene Coast feature wall in Dylan & Keegan’s living room creates an elegant atmosphere, with trim in Resene Alabaster and surrounding walls in Resene Eighth Truffle.

Tim & Arthur’s Living Room

Final Score: 17.5/30

Tim & Arthur used Resene Black White on the walls, ceiling and trim in their cosy living room. The fireplace wall is created using Rockcote Clay Decor painted in Resene Double Ash. Rockcote Clay Decor is a natural clay plaster which has no cement and <1.0% V.O.C.. It was applied in a 'Strata' effect that emulates layered earth. Resene Double Ash was blended on site by the plasterer to achieve the subtle layered colour changes. The wall is finished in Resene Concrete Clear to protect the surface.

Tim & Arthur’s cosy lounge married crisp Resene Black White on the walls, ceiling and trim with the natural floor.

They created texture using Rockcote plaster on the fireplace feature wall, which they painted in Resene Double Ash. Tim was excited to introduce colour into their neutral palette. Resene Double Ash, a smoky neutral with a green edge, complemented the wooden décor and brought warmth to the room.   

The judges were impressed by the comfortable space Tim & Arthur created this week. They loved the earthy colour scheme and said the wall feature was a great addition to the space. Ann Louise wasn’t sure about some of their décor choices, but Chris and Lauren thought the styling worked well in the space. “They’ve taken it to the next level, you’ve got the palms in the corner, you’ve got the linen texture, the oaky floor,” says Chris. “It’s a pleasant palette, I like it.”  

The Rockcote feature wall painted in Resene Double Ash introduces warmer tones into Tim & Arthur’s living room which complements the Resene Black White walls, ceiling and trim.

Meg & Dan’s Room 

Final Score: 25/30

The Resene Black White walls, ceiling and trim in Meg & Dan’s living room create a fresh atmosphere complemented by pops of green décor. 

Meg & Dan created a sophisticated living room this week with walls, ceiling and trim in Resene Black White. This neutral colour palette gave them the freedom to experiment with décor and the couple cashed in their prize from Art Bureau, introducing a green statement art piece. While Resene Black White accentuated the height of the room, Meg & Dan grounded the space with earthy tones and matching green décor.

The judges’ first impression was that Meg & Dan had created a gorgeous space. The art on the wall was a big hit and they loved that it was the focal point of the room. The judges also loved the concept of the tiled bar and thought the colour palette was calm and relaxing. Overall, both Lauren and Chris thought Meg & Dan had created a functional space and thought the finishing was very well executed. “I like this, it’s really balanced as a room,” says Lauren. “Everything looks exactly where it should be.” 

Meg & Dan’s living room features a triple skylight and the natural light accentuates the Resene Black White walls, ceiling and trim to create a bright space. 

Published: 21 Jul 2021

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