Glenn puts the acid on colour

Published: 02 May 2013

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Dark with shots of colour

Adventurous homeowner Glenn London is certainly a man who develops a passion for colours. At the moment Resene Ipanema (a caustic yellow) is his new favourite accent colour and he has decided that, for him, Resene Ash “is the new Tea”, referring to the fact that Resene Tea has been such a huge hit for those seeking a character-filled neutral. It's used in Resene Half Ash strength in the bedroom above, seen through the Resene Triple Masala walls of the hallway. 

The Palmerston North designer has used yellow accents throughout his home with furniture and accessories in Resene Ipanema and kitchen cabinets in Resene Turbo yellow. These are often set against a rich backdrop of the charcoal-brown Resene Triple Masala.

What inspired your choices of Resene colour?

The choices were inspired by the age of my home – a villa - as well wanting to find a modern alternative to Resene Tea and Resene Napa, which a lot of my clients were asking for.  

How did you decide on the overall look of the interiors? What was your overall philosophy?

I wanted a modern eclectic mix of old and new and to carefully blend the exterior colour scheme with the inside so that it all flowed together as a cohesive palette. I also wanted a central atmospheric link to enter through – the Resene Triple Masala hallway - that leads to a bolder and brighter east wing of the house.

What part of the house are you most happy with?

It was a risk using a dark colour for the hallway link but this has proven to be one of the main features of the home and does help to ‘explode’ the bright colours used in the east wing. Also the bathroom and laundry where I have used a multi-layer wallpaper look using four different wallpapers in the one area.

What is your advice for someone trying to achieve a similar look?

Be brave and use mood boards to constantly refer to and to challenge yourself that these are the colours for you. Paint up large sample boards and look at in the daylight and evening as colours change depending on the light.

Mix bright colours together and try different combinations to achieve a personal brights mix that suits your home and personality. Also call on a professional to help with decision-making; they can also offer lots of options.

What was the biggest decorating, renovating or building challenge for this project?

The biggest challenge was budget restrictions and looking past the run-down and tired state of the property and still achieving a ‘lush’ look.

Do you have a favorite colour, and if so why is it your favorite?

Resene Ipanema. I have used this as a linking colour throughout my home with great results, including using it to paint furniture.

Glenn was helped by new design venture Off the Cuff Design, which specialises in colour, textiles and use of re-created furniture to tailor individualised looks. 


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Bright against dark

The dining room has a feature wall of Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen tinted to Resene Triple Masala, an amazing backdrop to shots of yellow, like the frames painted in Resene Ipanema. 

The 'new Resene Tea'

Glenn declares that Resene Ash is "the new Tea" and has used Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen tinted to Resene Half Ash in his living room. 

Honouring the house's age

Glenn chose an elegant scheme of Resene Lumbersider tinted to Resene Triple Ash for the weatherboards of the villa along with window trims in Resene Double Masala. 

A dark and moody link

It was a risk using a dark colour for the hallway link but this has proven to be one of the main features of the home. The walls are Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen tinted to Resene Triple Masala and the hall table is painted in Resene Enamacryl tinted to Resene Ipanema. 

An explosion of colour

After the darkness of the hall, the kitchen explodes with colour - a feature wall in Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen tinted to Resene Opal and cabinets in Resene Enamacryl tinted to Resene Turbo. The floor is finished in Resene Colorwood Pitch Black and Resene Aquaclear clear to protect the timber. 

A cosy space

The bedroom also has a feature wall in Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen tinted to Resene Triple Masala. Glenn has used acid yellow accessories and accents throughout the house. 

Artful arrangements

An artful arrangement of ornaments against a backdrop of Resene Triple Masala. 

Crates get a second life

Glenn's latest addition is this quirky collection of painted crate shelves for the kitchen, set against walls in Resene Opal. 

The layered look

Glenn is pleased with the effect gained by using multiple wallpapers in the bathroom. 

the look

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