Lisa and Dan’s modern coastal cottage

Paraparaumu Beach is a perfect sweep of golden sand and views of Kapiti Island – and a wonderful mirror to this modern coastal cottage, just 15 minutes walk away. 

Built in the 1980s, the cottage needed freshening up according to owners Lisa and Dan who bought the property late last year. The couple took inspiration from the nearby coast, giving the walls a new life with Resene Quarter Cloudy (a pale tint of mild beige and warm white) and Resene Quarter Merino (a soft fresh white). This allows for pops of sea-toned colour to shine through the furnishings, from the rug to the lounge settee, art prints and bed linen.

Lisa says the house is a constant work in progress, with plenty of more exciting plans ahead – budget dependent, of course!

Her philosophy on home decorating? "Your home should also be your haven. It should restore your energy after a tough day and it should reflect your family and all of their personalities, interests and memories. After all, home is all about family and a place where you can all enjoy spending time together. Why not make the energy fantastic?"

Lisa shares some of the details of the home renovation below. 

What Resene colours and products have you used, in which rooms, and what inspired those choices?

We used Resene Quarter Cloudy (which I would describe as an almost iced chocolate neutral colour) for the open plan area (lounge, kitchen and dining area) and downstairs bedroom. We used Resene Quarter Merino (a soft fresh white) on the stairwell, bathrooms and upstairs bedrooms. I had used these colours before in a previous renovation so decided to use them again as I felt they didn’t date.

Resene Quarter Cloudy is especially great as the tone can be suited to both cold/blue tones and warm/brown tones. Its versatility means your choice for colour and design options become much wider.

How did you decide on the overall look of the interiors? What was your overall philosophy?

We both wanted a light, modern and homely feel.  We also wanted a slightly coastal cottage feel (given that we are so close to the beach). 

Our aim was for the sort of design and colour scheme that makes you feel happy the second you walk through the door – a design that is uplifting yet calming, cooling yet warm. I'm studying interior design and my primary philosophy is that any renovation you do should be as beautiful in ten years as it is today.

What part of the house are you happiest with?

The open plan area. We feel that we’ve successfully blended the design of the different zones together with the balance of colour, texture, furnishings and style. When you walk into the door, there’s a fantastic vibe and a striking appeal. It feels like home – a place we all want to be.

What is your advice for someone trying to achieve a similar look?

If you have an open living area, consider tying the colours in together so there is balance and flow from zone to zone.  Also, if you have a small space to work with, white trims and clever use of furniture will help achieve that fresh, modern, bigger-than-it-really-is look.

What was the biggest decorating, renovating or building challenge for this project? 

Time! We had help from a very helpful father-in-law (thank you, dad) and the fantastic work from the installers at Flooring Central. They installed our beautiful new carpet and white linen timber flooring, which we are so happy with. In the end we managed to get it all done... phew!

Published: 09 Jul 2015

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coastal cottage, modern cottage, living room, lounge, living area, neutrals, blue

Lisa and Dan's modern coastal cottage is located just 15-minutes walk from the beautiful Paraparaumu Beach. Keeping to the coastal vibe, they've painted the walls of their open plan living area in Resene Quarter Cloudy, which Lisa describes as an "almost iced chocolate neutral colour." Pops of sea-toned colour shine through the furniture, cushions, framed art works and photographs.

coastal cottage, modern cottage, neutrals, blue, open plan living, lounge, dining

Lisa loves the open plan area of the house, which includes the lounge, kitchen and dining area. She's kept an even flow of colour throughout, painting the walls in Resene Quarter Cloudy.

coastal cottage, dining room, neutrals, white dining room

A closer look at the dining room, painted in Resene Quarter Cloudy with trims in Resene Quarter Merino.

coastal cottage, neutrals, entranceway, white entranceway, hallway, white hallway

One of the most recent renovations is the entranceway. The shelving unit was bought for $10 at an op-shop, and was hot pink when they found it. Lisa and Dan stripped back the copper shelve holders and gave it new life with a lick of Resene Quarter Merino. The walls are in Resene Quarter Cloudy. 

coastal cottage, neutrals, stairwell, white stairwell, rope banister, staircase

Dan designed and completed the nautical rope banister that climbs the stairwell. The walls and ceiling are painted in Resene Quarter Merino.

coastal cottage, bathroom, white bathroom, neutrals

A glimpse into the bathroom, also painted in Resene Quarter Merino. 

coastal cottage, bedroom, master bedroom, white bedroom, blue bedroom

The coastal theme continues upstairs, in the master bedroom – warm, bright blues pop against the walls painted in Resene Quarter Merino.

coastal cottage, bedroom, neutrals, white bedroom, neutral bedroom

The only reminder of city life is in the spare room, depicted in a colour complementary skyline mural. Walls in Resene Quarter Cloudy, and shelf and trims in Resene Quarter Merino. 

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Resene Quarter Merino

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