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Buzz off

27 Jan 2016

Flies! With the warmer weather, there's no doubt you've seen a few more of the unwelcome guests buzzing around the home lately. And at night, they tend to settle on ceiling areas leaving fly spots that can be hard to remove without damaging the paint underneath. 

Resene SpaceCote Flat Fly Deterrent is designed to discourage flies from sitting on surfaces that the product is applied to. Testing has shown a significant reduction in fly spots when using the product. Resene SpaceCote paints are also very durable so any fly spots that do occur can be easily cleaned off without damaging the paint.

If it's cockroaches, mosquitoes, and weevils that worry you, Resene also supplies a handy product called Bug Juice. The additive is odourless and can be added to any oil or water based paints, stains or sealants. Perfect for keeping pests out of your home.

Resene SpaceCote Flat Fly Deterrent and Bug Juice are both available from selected Resene ColorShops. Visit