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Family crafts with Santa and Rudolph

20 Dec 2018

The students at Rawhiti School have been getting creative ahead of Christmas making these cool Santa stones and cute Rudolph reindeer from recycled cans.

To create your own Santa rocks you’ll need: a collection of smooth stones, cotton wool, PVA glue, a packet of googly eyes and some Resene testpots. We recommend Resene Poppy, Resene Roadster or Resene Half Pohutukawa for Santa’s red outfit and hat, and Resene Alabaster or Resene Black White for the hat trim. Paint your stone all over in your chosen shade of red. You may need a couple of coats, allowing them to dry in between. Once completely dry paint across the white line for the fur hat trim. When that’s dry just glue on the eyes and a tuft of cotton wool for the top of Santa’s hat.

To make a Rudolph companion for Santa you’ll need: several clean used cans, small sticks or pieces of driftwood for antlers, a packet of google eyes, small red pom poms (available from craft stores or make your own) for the noses, strong glue and Resene testpots in brown. We recommend Resene Barnstorm, Resene Thunder Road or Resene Route 66.

Simply paint your cans in a couple of coats of your chosen brown. Then, when dry, glue on the eyes, nose and antlers. Note: PVA glue will be fine for the eyes and noses, but you may need a stronger glue for the antlers.