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Our First Home: keeping it light

17 Mar 2016

Oh, what lovely light! A phrase that rings true for each of the rooms that were revealed in this week's Our First Home. Some of the light is natural, streaming through the windows, while other rooms needed the right paint colour to help bounce light around and brighten up the space.


The Wotton family wowed with this open-plan area that features a designer kitchen, dining room, living room and hallway (pictured above and below). The walls were painted in the popular white Resene Merino, with ceilings and trims in Resene Alabaster. 

Judges agreed that Team Wotton added the most value to their home, winning them a week with Our First Home chippy Carla on site.


To create this haven of a bedroom, the Pearce family decided to completely gut the original and start from scratch, a task that included knocking out walls, rewiring and insulating the room.

They've stuck to a coastal theme from the beginning, and this room is no different, with white, blue and natural colours reigning supreme. 

Judges loved the walk-in wardrobe, and luxurious feel of the place. The walls are painted in Alabaster White – bouncing the natural light from the bedroom to the wardrobe – with window frames painted in the complementary Resene Half Atmosphere Grey.


For this small guest room, the Roughans went with Resene Half White Pointer for the walls and Resene Quarter Alabaster for the ceiling.

Besides brightening things up, the paint palette also visually gives the room a feeling of being bigger, also helped by the addition of skylights and a wardrobe that pulls to the ceiling.

What will the teams show us next? Tune in next week for another round of room reveals.

Our First Home airs Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays at 7.30pm, on TV ONE. 


Published: 17 Mar 2016