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Pretty up your pavers

13 Jan 2016

If the paving in your garden has been looking a little... well... blah lately, there is a quick solution in tow that avoids you heading to the store for new concrete.

Resene Concrete Stain is a solventborne stain designed to both decorate and protect your pavers and other concrete. The stain comes in six colours, from red to grey and black, and works to penetrate the concrete to form a stunning – as well as protective – low sheen finish. It's perfect for old pavers that have lost their colour, working to enhance the natural texture of the concrete much like wood stain on timber. Or why not pretty up new pavers, like we did in our courtyard setting above, painted in Resene Bleached Grey. 

Resene Concrete Stain is available from your local Resene ColorShop and selected resellers. Visit

Published: 13 Jan 2016