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Resene testpots to help feed the hungry

04 Feb 2020

For the sixth year, The Salvation Army and Resene are teaming up for the Resene Hunger for Colour fundraiser. The annual event gives Kiwis the chance to get crafty with colour while helping struggling families in their communities.

Throughout February, members of the public can swap up to seven cans of food for seven Resene 60-80ml testpots, with all cans being donated to their local Salvation Army foodbank.

In the past five years, the annual fundraiser has brought in more than 190,000 cans, providing a much needed boost for Salvation Army foodbanks during what’s a trying time for Kiwi families. “With Christmas and the back to school period being such a busy time of demand, many of our centres find themselves with bare shelves and needing cans to fill a family food parcel. When food stocks are low our centres really appreciate the arrival of Hunger for Colour and knowing the cans will start coming in,” says Salvation Army Territorial Director of Community Ministries, Jono Bell.

For the craft community, especially rock painting groups, the event is eagerly anticipated as a chance to restock and grab some brand new colours. Renovators also love to get involved since they can use the testpots to try out different decorating colours for the cost of food cans – a real steal!

Karen Warman, Resene Marketing Manager, notes how positive feedback has been in the past five years. “People like donating food knowing it is going directly to help someone in their local community and the testpots are a popular, versatile product which encourages people to come in,” she says.

Last year, The Salvation Army helped Kiwis in need by providing more than 60,000 food parcels. This year, Karen hopes Resene’s contribution will help boost the campaign’s success even further by reaching over 200,000 cans.

For more information on the fundraiser or to find your nearest Resene ColorShop, click here.