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The divas are coming to Nelson in Ynes Guevara’s latest art exhibition

11 Nov 2021

Playful colours and geometric shapes are at the crux of Ynes Guevara’s latest exhibition, Divas. “Divas depicts Latin divas who, in their golden years, were admired for their aesthetics, becoming attractive subjects for the venturing photographers of the 1920s,” says Ynes. 

“This exhibition plays with a narrative that aims to promote multicultural relations and evoke present sentimentalism.”

With a focus on presenting these women in a contemporary context, Ynes brings her subjects to life with Resene Colour Me Pink, Resene Plum, Resene Half Sea Fog and Resene Outrageous.

“I use Resene paint because it is user friendly,” says Ynes. “All I need to do is to select my favourite colour, pour it onto my palette and remember to keep it moist, I use a spray bottle with water, other than that, it lets me create and play with different colour tones and shades.

“I love the final result on my canvas; strong and vibrant.”

Divas will be exhibited at the Suter Art Gallery te Aratoi o Whakatu from 8 November to 4 December 2021. For more information, visit Ynes’ website

Published: 11 Nov 2021