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Time for a roof reno?

02 Feb 2016

It may be that the roof is looking shabby; perhaps the colour calls for more oomph. Either way, if it's time for a roof reno, ColorCote's RoofView app is a handy tool to have under your belt.

ColorCote's new app allows homeowners to see what their roof will look like on screen before they start painting. Simply upload a photo of the house exterior and experiment with ColorCote's range of 37 colours until you find the perfect look. The colours are matched to those in Resene's Multi-finish range and the most popular roofing colours tend to be smoky greys, such as Resene Grey Friars painted on the roof above and exterior in Resene Gull Grey, and sandy neutrals like Resene Titania.

Click here for ColorCote's most popular paint colours, and suggested Resene colours for the rest of the exterior – a great place to start when choosing your palette.

RoofViewer is available as a free download for Apple and Android users. Get the app at