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Organise your desk with these DIY cork bookends
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Make your bookends work for you and add some flair to your desk at the same time. Simply paint up wooden boxes and cork sheets, and voila – you’ll have a nifty place to store pens, place memos and keep your books looking tidy.

You will need:

Step 1 Trace the front of the boxes onto the cork sheet and cut to size.

Step 2 Paint the first wooden box in Resene Mother Nature and the second in Resene Atlas.

Step 3 Paint the first cut cork sheet in Resene Nourish and the second in Resene Just Dance.

Step 4 Once dry, use the liquid nails to place the cork sheets onto the front of the boxes – we placed the sheet painted in Resene Just Dance onto the box painted in Resene Mother Nature and the Resene Nourish cork sheet onto the Resene Atlas box.

Step 5 Add extra flair to one of the bookends by placing black plastic sheeting within one of the boxes, filling quarter of the way with pebbles, and placing a small indoor plant into it. Add extra soil if needed.

Step 6 Fill the other bookends with stationery, place between books and use the cork to pin important memos.

styling Leigh Stockton

images Bryce Carleton

video Ben Whorwood

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Category: create with paint

Published on Mar 21, 2019

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