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5 leafy looks for your dining area

22 Jan 2020

Mealtimes should be about relaxing, leaving your day behind and indulging in something delicious with your loved ones.

Setting the scene for a harmonious dining experience means bringing together a myriad of components from the colour scheme to seats and accessories. If the idea of walking into a nature-inspired, lush space floods you with joy, then let these five leafy looks inspire you to make your dining room a standout in your home.

Go green yet moody with the effortlessly chic Resene Wallpaper Collection IUM109, from Resene ColorShops. Pair it with a cosy dining sofa in Resene Saratoga, chairs in Resene Retro and a round, modern table in Resene Eighth Ash. A dark tiled floor in Resene Foundry would add a touch of sophistication, allowing the brighter colours to work the room. For a peppering of colour, go with table accessories in Resene Allports – a charming blue that’ll bring out the lighter tones of the wallpaper.

Resene Wallpaper Collection 36624-2 is like an island holiday come to life with its soft yet eye-catching leafy pattern. Bring forward the soft white in the wallpaper by painting your floor in Resene Quarter Parchment and anchoring larger furnishings like tables, chairs and shelving in Resene Quarter Black White. Bring in lush plants and pots in Resene Half Forest Green and Resene Windfall and bold accessories in Resene Gorse. Add woven baskets and lamp shades to accentuate the holiday vibe.

Make the ultimate style statement with an accent wall in Resene Wallpaper Collection P333-VD4. This deep, leafy print would sit well next to large glass sliding doors and windows, connecting the indoors with outside greenery. Go with toned down surrounding walls in Resene Half Thorndon Cream and cabinetry and trims in Resene Eighth Thorndon Cream. For a fun game of contrast, add in chairs and stools in Resene Jalapeno – a spicy yet welcome addition. Complete the look with planters in a classic tone like Resene Quarter Bokara Grey.

Resene Wallpaper Collection IUM107 is a wild, glamorous spin on the leafy look, with romantic splashes of pink. Add it to a room filled with natural wood furnishings, surrounding walls in Resene Half Rice Cake, trims in Resene Double Rice Cake and floors in Resene Grey Area. Bring out the wallpaper’s deeper tones with chairs in Resene Midnight Express, before adding the cherry on top with cute accessories in Resene Glamour Puss.

Resene Wallpaper Collection P878-VD4 is a striking ethereal design that’s perfect for a more minimalistic leafy look. Stain the floor and chairs in Resene Rock Salt to add warmth throughout the space. Resene Alabaster would look exquisite on a Scandi table, standing lamp and on the walls for added brightness. Soft natural colours like Resene Rainee and Resene Rivergum painted on pots, ceramic bowls and vases bring the whole look together without fighting the colours featured on the wallpaper.