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A colourful transformation for this home exterior

24 Aug 2023

Sal and Graham, the proud owners of this charming house, were ready to give their beloved abode a fresh new look. Tired of the conventional white, faded exterior, they sought the expertise of Davis House Painters who transformed their dwelling into a vibrant and eye-catching masterpiece using Resene paint colours.

Sal and Graham were certain that a white house was not for them. Instead they desired a colour that would make a statement while still maintaining an elegant allure. After careful consideration, they selected Resene Half Smalt Blue from the Karen Walker Paints collection. This subtle yet distinctive blend of green and blue provided the perfect touch of sophistication to the exterior walls.

To complement the Resene Half Smalt Blue exterior, Sal and Graham opted for Resene Jungle Mist for the window frames, and Resene Quarter Jungle Mist for under the eaves. The soft and soothing tones harmonise beautifully with the main colour, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.


The stunning shade of Resene Half Smalt Blue from the Karen Walker Paints collection, has given this home the refresh it needed. The windowsills are painted in Resene Jungle Mist and under the eaves is Resene Quarter Jungle Mist.  

For the roof, they decided on Resene Grey Friars, providing a contemporary and stylish contrast to the rest of the house. 

Originally considering a grey front door, Sal and Graham's plans took an unexpected turn. While working on their property, painter Paul Davis noticed a vibrant orange wall surrounding their spa pool area. The boldness of the colour caught his attention, and upon further discussion, they agreed that the front door should be a standout feature. Embracing the spirit of uniqueness, the painter suggested Resene Rose Of Sharon - a deeper shade of orange that would add warmth and personality to the entrance. The result was warmly welcomed by the homeowners, and they love the bold choice.

The bold and vibrant front door has the tick of approval from the homeowners. Painted in Resene Rose Of Sharon0, this entrance welcomes visitors and is a stunning contrast against the exterior painted in Resene Half Smalt Blue. The windowsills are painted in Resene Jungle Mist and under the eaves is Resene Quarter Jungle Mist. 

Before any paint could be applied, the house required meticulous preparation. The dedicated team from Davis House Painters had caught Sal and Graham's attention while working on another project in the neighbourhood. Impressed by the crew's cleanliness, attention to detail and devotion to safe practices, they knew they had found the right professionals for the job. The house was stripped back to the wood, removing layers of old worn-out paint, while also ensuring the removal of any hazardous lead-based paint.

As the project went on, the vision Sal and Graham had for their home came to life. The fresh coat of paint revived the exterior, giving it a modern and inviting ambiance. The striking orange front door now stands out proudly, inviting guests to discover the beauty within. Sal and Graham couldn't be happier with the end result. The transformation was a testament to both their trust in the painter's expertise and their willingness to embrace vibrant colours.

For advice on exterior paint colour and products, head to your local Resene ColorShop or Ask a Resene Colour Expert online. 

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Published: 24 Aug 2023