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A wave of transformation: Revamping a tween's room

23 Nov 2023

Yvette Parker purchased a house that came with a charming but neglected room, her daughter's haven. Fast forward a few years and armed with creativity, a desire for change, and Resene paints, Yvette and her daughter embarked on a vibrant makeover journey, transforming a once-neutral space into a personalised sanctuary inspired by their love for the colour blue. 

The initial state of the room was far from ideal, with old, peeling wallpaper crying out for attention. They took matters into their own hands, stripping away the worn layers and applying a fresh coat of Resene Black White to the walls. This neutral canvas, coupled with Resene White for the ceiling and trims, allowed for flexibility as their daughter grew, facilitating easy updates to the room's furnishings.

However, as the ‘tween’ years approached, the room needed a more personalised touch. Yvette and her daughter sought inspiration and stumbled upon the work of a local designer, which inspired them to incorporate a unique wave mural.

"We wanted something special that reflected her love of all things blue," Yvette says. "It was all in or nothing, a go-gold-or-go-home makeover."

The uneven placement of windows in the room presented a design challenge, but the duo turned it into an advantage. They decided to wrap the wave mural around the walls, creating a cohesive and visually striking feature.


The choice of Resene Indian Ink, Resene Madison, Resene Zoop De Loop and Resene Comfort Zone for the mural was a meticulous process that involved collecting chip samples and careful consideration.

"My daughter's bedroom was lovely and neutral but bland," Yvette says. "There wasn't a theme or colour scheme, and she wanted a 'new feel' for her room."

The metallic blue of Resene Zoop De Loop became the star of the show, adding a touch of glamour to the mural. Yvette drew the free-hand outline in pencil, with her daughter guiding the placement of the waves. The result is a stunning, personalised masterpiece that reflects the tween's personality and taste.

"The only challenge we had was narrowing down the colour palette to only four colours!" Yvette says. "There were so many fantastic Resene colours we wanted to use!"

To complement the mural, Yvette and her daughter revamped the furnishings. A headboard was adorned in blue fabric, and new additions such as a blue rug, storage boxes and a duvet cover completed the look.

The chosen Resene products played a crucial role in bringing this vision to life. From Resene Ceiling Flat to Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen, Resene Enamacryl and Resene Lumbersider testpots, each product contributed to the durability and finish of the transformed space.

"My favourite white of all time is Resene Black White," Yvette says, emphasising the importance of choosing the right base colour for the room.

The wave mural designed by the mum and daughter duo shows the power of creativity and collaboration in turning a simple room into a personalised sanctuary. "My daughter absolutely loves her unique room and loves spending time in there," Yvette says.

design Yvette Parker, Studio Y Interior Design

images Kellie Extance, Kellie Extance Photography

Published: 23 Nov 2023