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All rugged up

24 May 2018

With winter approaching and the temperatures dipping, now is a great time to invest in a rug to add warmth and cosiness to your home. With all that’s on offer, it can be daunting to figure out which rug is best for which room, and what colours, patterns and textures to decide on. Here are a few tips on finding the perfect rug.

1. When it comes to choosing the size of your new rug, think about where it’s going to sit. Traditionally, rugs in bedrooms tend to sit next to the bed or partially underneath and look great when they’re a similar size. If you’re putting a rug in the dining room, pick one that’s bigger than the table and leaves a border where the chairs will sit once you are seated. For the lounge, create a space where the lounge suite will sit partially on top of the rug and underneath the coffee table. One rug size doesn’t fit all, though – look at how other homes have styled their rugs for more inspiration.

2. Think about the texture and weight of your rug. Heavy wool rugs feel lovely and soft underfoot and instantly warm up the place. These are perfect for bedrooms and living rooms, where rugs tend to be more of a feature. Vintage-look cotton rugs are lighter than traditional Persian rugs, with the same look (and easier to clean), so perfect for the hallway, dining room or reading corner. Cotton rugs come in an array of patterns and colours, and tend to be less expensive than wool rugs – perfect for adding to places that need a pop of colour.

3. Rugs can really ground a colour scheme. When thinking about colour, look to the walls and flooring and find a rug that complements both. If you’re renovating a whole room, you might find a rug that you love first which will inspire the paint colour – try the Resene colour palette generator to find recommended Resene paint colours. If your rug has various colours, pick out some accents and match to decor around the room, such as lampshades and bed linen.

See these latest rugs from Farmers for inspiration.

Soft underfoot

Wall painted in Resene Black White. Luca Moroccan Wool Rug from Farmers.

Have fun with patterns

Rugs can be a real feature in the home, so don’t be shy when it comes to pattern and colour.

Wall painted in Resene Clover. Luca Zari Rug from Farmers.

Luca Memphis Jute Rug from Farmers. Protect concrete walls with a natural look matte finish with Resene Concrete Clear Flat.

Go vintage

While vintage-style rugs are traditionally quite heavy, there are lighter cotton versions on the market – perfect for creating that old world aesthetic while being much easier to clean.  

Wall painted in Resene Spinnaker. Luca Lisbon Wool Rug from Farmers.

Luca Ivy Rug from Farmers.

Light and lovely

Rugs don’t have to be too much of an investment or take up too much space. Lighter cotton rugs can look just as lovely and add interest in smaller areas.  

Wall painted in Resene Spinnaker. Resene Luca Rocco Rug from Farmers.

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