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Darcelle Nesser's cosmic passion: Painting the universe of kiwifruit

28 Nov 2023

In the vibrant world of artist Darcelle Nesser, passion takes on an astronomical dimension, particularly when it comes to her latest masterpiece – the Giant Space Kiwifruit mural painted in vibrant Resene colours and adorning the parking lot on King Street, Palmerston North.

As an artist with a keen love for both fruit and astrophysics, Darcelle intricately weaves these seemingly dissimilar interests into a cosmic tapestry that invites viewers to explore the universe of kiwifruit like never before.

The creation of the Space Kiwi mural was a spontaneous burst of creativity, with Darcelle improvising the entire process on the day of painting. The kaleidoscope of colours used in the mural reflects her intuitive approach, blending various shades to bring the kiwifruit to life.

From the vibrant greens of Resene Lima and Resene Forest Green to the contrasting dark hues of Resene Dune and Resene Nero, each stroke on the canvas was a celebration of colour and spontaneity.

Darcelle’s passion for fruit transcends the conventional. “Fruit, I interpret as an offering of a warm embrace by nature,” she says. “When I see and eat fruit, it compels a contemplation about the millions of years of fruit and the billions of lives that have consumed these. Fruit garners a curiosity about the complex and overwhelming universe.” 

“When eating fruit, I imagine it feels like what a child might feel when getting a hug from their mother after getting lost. When I eat kiwifruit, I feel the warm embrace from the universe.”

The mural, nestled in the heart of Palmerston North, depicts two kiwifruit planets in space, accompanied by kiwifruit seeds orbiting around them, reminiscent of the iconic rings of Saturn. This celestial representation encapsulates the magnitude of Darcelle’s passion for kiwifruit – an emotion that is truly out of this world!

Through the Giant Space Kiwifruit mural, she not only showcases her love for fruit but also incorporates astrophysical concepts, offering viewers a unique and thought-provoking experience. By merging the realms of fruit and the cosmos, Darcelle aims to inspire curiosity and awe, inviting observers to see the world through a different lens. 

A map of Darcelle’s art: 

To further share her passion with the community, Darcelle has created a map highlighting her various fruit mural and art locations in Palmerston North. This interactive map features the lemon mural in yellow (B), feijoa mural in light green (C), kiwifruit mural in dark green (A) and painted bollards in orange (D). This map takes enthusiasts on a walking tour of the city's ‘fruity landmarks’.

Through her spontaneous approach, Darcelle has painted a cosmic ode to the kiwifruit, infusing it with layers of meaning that transcend the canvas. Her unique blend of art and astrophysics invites viewers to contemplate the universe in a different light, all while embracing the warm and comforting hug offered by the complex and overwhelming beauty of nature.

Get in touch with Darcelle: [email protected]

Published: 28 Nov 2023