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Deck your Christmas spread in terracotta and mint

11 Nov 2020

A Christmas spread is an elaborate affair. There’s mince pies and the pulling of crackers, pavlova and more spice-filled pudding, and no matter the size of your celebration, a smorgasbord of crockery.

Dressing the table for such an occasion can feel overwhelming with so many things to consider, so we’ve compiled five Christmas-inspired spreads, all aglow in terracotta and minty blue-green, to help inspire you for the coming festivities.

Your spread needn’t match to make an impact. Consider similar tableware in an array of colours like pale blue, green and black. Wall in Resene Contessa. Assorted tableware from Briscoes’ Arthouse Lotus collection.

If the weather brings sun, take your meal outside with a rustic-finished picnic table, woven placemats and walnut tableware. Wall in Resene Contessa. Assorted two-toned tableware in Walnut/Black from Briscoes’ Prestige collection.

A table purpose-built for refreshments is a great way to serve guests if you have a large number of them. Finish off with a white linen tablecloth and a cutting of mistletoe. Wall and table in Resene Contessa. Assorted Rona stemware from Briscoes.

Bring in classic Christmas colours like red and white with a vivid red table cloth cuttings of mistletoe and holly and pots of poinsettia. Repeat these colours in your tableware for a cohesive look. Wall and table in Resene Skeptic. Assorted dinnerware from Briscoes’ Churchill Bengal collection.

Creating an elevated platform for food means you can hero particular dishes, drawing attention the meal’s pièce de resistance. Paint it in in a similar colour to your walls to complement your room’s overall palette. Wall in Resene Skeptic. Assorted tableware from Briscoes’ Arthouse Lotus collection.