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Dipped in paint

11 Dec 2014

New Plymouth spatial and interior designer Thandi Tipene talks about gloss levels.

A speedy way to freshen up a room this summer is simply with a pot of paint. The key is knowing what kind of paint works for your space – flat, low sheen, semi gloss or gloss finish choices are just the beginning.

Flat, also known as matt acrylic, has little or no shine and works well for walls that are not smooth. It is prone to scuffs and marking so avoid using it in children’s bedrooms.

Low-sheen paints have a slight lustre and work well in living areas, bedrooms and bathrooms. They are also great for disguising imperfections and are easier to clean then flat acrylics.

A satin finish has a velvety look and works well for kids rooms and kitchens.

Handy tip: The higher the gloss level, the easier it is to clean.

Semi gloss paint works wonders on skirtings and interior doors. It is durable and hardy but does show more imperfections. If interior doors are well-used, sand them back, prime and fill to give yourself the best prep surface possible.

Full gloss finish is the shiniest of all. It’s great for windows and doors, but can be quite reflective in sunny areas. I recommend using gloss paint when restoring old furniture for a modern look and a practical surface finish.

Published: 11 Dec 2014