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Editor’s Picks: A lounge for an art lover

12 Nov 2019

Inspired by a recent visit to the Auckland Art Gallery for the kick off of the brand new Denmark Design exhibition, the assemblage of this month’s Editor’s Picks is a homage to Scandi modernism. Classic shapes, clean lines and rich primary colours bring with them a decidedly gender-neutral vibe that comes together to create a lounge that would be just as appealing for my partner to enjoy a book in as it would be for me.

While true whites like Resene Half Alabaster or Resene Eighth Black White would look nice on the walls, off-whites that have a little more complexity and carry a lot more warmth, such as Resene Half Tea or Resene Quarter Tea, are even better for a space you want to spend some serious time in. Timber floors in Resene Colorwood Tiri, a deep grey wood stain, would provide a nice balance in a space like this and some much needed grounding for the lightness of the blonde wooden furniture. However, a pewter grey like Resene Silver Chalice is another great option for the floor when paired with skirting boards and architraves in a soft black like Resene Noir to echo the statement pendant lamp. Add an extra layer of cosy with a sumptuously soft rug.

Armadillo & Co Savannah Rug in Natural from The Ivy House

Just a few pops of Resene New Leaf, Resene Dynamite and Resene Influential on accessories on a bookshelf to help tie the colours of the statement cushion into other parts of the space and bring in some fresh plants for added texture.

Vitra L’Oiseau Bird and Radial Floating Shelf from Citta


Paint: Resene New Leaf, Resene Dynamite, Resene Influential, Resene Half Tea

1. Shani Armchair, Freedom Furniture
2. Taos Bowl in Yellow/Navy, Freedom Furniture
3. Kotomi Ceiling Pendant, Freedom Furniture
4. Colour Blocking Print, Freedom Furniture
5. Rumsen Cushion, Freedom Furniture
6. Bebour Décor Object, Freedom Furniture
7. Netta Buffet, Freedom Furniture
8. Netta Coffee Table, Freedom Furniture
9. Apolline Vessel in Red, Freedom Furniture
10. Apolline Vessel in Olive, Freedom Furniture
11. Apolline Vessel in Navy, Freedom Furniture

Published: 12 Nov 2019