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Ferrymead Garden City Model Railway Club comes alive with a fresh coat of paint

18 Nov 2021

Members of Christchurch’s Ferrymead Garden City Railway Club have been steaming ahead painting their clubhouse in a vibrant new colour scheme thanks to Resene’s Colour Your Club competition. As last year’s winners, the model railway club painted their public viewing galleries of the model railway museum with Resene Diesel, Resene On Track, Resene Kelp and Resene Dark Knight.


The model train museum viewing galleries were given a modern look with Resene Dark Knight on the walls, Resene Diesel on the cabinetry and Resene Half Black White on the trim.

 “The new colour scheme has given the whole area a refreshed and revitalised look and is much more in keeping with modern colour trends,” says club secretary and treasurer Arthur Redditt. “Our thanks to Resene for being the lucky winner and also to Jackie Nicholls, Colour Specialist at Resene Tower Junction, who provided the colour consultation that resulted in the colour scheme that we have introduced.”

 This year, Resene has 3 prizes of $1500 off Resene products to give away. If your club or a club you know could benefit from a splash of colourful Resene paint, you can enter the 2021 Colour Your Club competition here


The entrance display walls got a vibrant refresh in Resene Kelp with Resene Half Black White on the ceiling and trim.

Published: 18 Nov 2021