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Greer Clayton’s paint effect wizardry

19 Aug 2015

Give Greer Clayton a plain surface, and she’ll turn it into an intricately stencilled work of art using Resene paint. It might be a wall, a piece of furniture, a set of steps, some plant pots.

And the design might be something whimsical and Moroccan inspired, a pattern that’s sharp and geometric, an ombre effect or a dramatically oversized wall art.

If it can be turned from plain to fabulous, Greer will be there. In between times, she paints canvases and exhibits at various city galleries.

Says Greer: “I have always loved working with paint and colour and discovering the unique looks you can achieve.” 

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts, she lived and worked in London and Sydney before returning home with her husband and two children. Her own home in Devonport, Auckland, is used as an ever-changing canvas for her work. Lately, she turned her talents to her sister’s home, completing the stunning striped and herringboned wall pictured above.

Using a cushion as inspiration, she started with irregular width stripes arranged symmetrically on the Resene Alabaster wall, using Resene Sakura (pink), Resene Half Taupe Grey (pale grey), Resene Double Pavlova (ochre), Resene Masala (deeper grey), overlaid with drifting arrows and herringbone patterns in metallic golds Resene Gold Dust and Resene Deep Space.

Says Greer: “I love working with texture and with the varying gloss levels you can have with paint, for example using a flat finish on top of a high sheen or metallic paint. I’m also enjoying the current trend for geometrics; I gravitate towards more muted tones.”geometrics; I gravitate towards more muted tones.”

With her training in colour matching and mixing paints, Greer often manipulates the paints to get the desired colour. For example, add a bit of Resene Pure Pewter to Resene Aluminium for a metallic that’s not so shiny.   

She will use a simple pattern with masking tape, or find off-the-shelf stencils, or will seek out custom-made stencils. Greer has found herself in demand not only for private commissions but by various magazines to add special effects to photo shoots.

Published: 19 Aug 2015