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Hayley takes autumn colour into the kitchen

05 May 2016

Designer Hayley French turns to the kitchen for autumn colour:

The seasons change and as they do they bring new colours and feelings.

With each season’s end we welcome the next, and are ready for the change. I love the way nature dances us through the colour wheel as if it senses our moods and desires; when it starts to cool down, it says: "Let’s warm things up."

The cool whites and bright primary colours of summer give way to the beige, caramel, russets and coppers of autumn. Next comes winter with its cool greys and blacks, darkest of greens and moody blues with rich gold accents. Spring then follows with is buttery yellow, minty green, rose pink and delicate powder blue. 

As the weather cools, let warm vanilla, cinnamon, biscuit and chocolate shades take up residence in your home. Frothy coffees, warm pastry pies with caramelised onions, baked cinnamon apples and nutty pumpkin soup take over from the raw bright fruits and salads of summer.

On trend this season, copper features heavily in the kitchen.

Resene Copper Fire from the Resene Metallics and Special Effects range pairs beautifully with Resene Pearl Bush, a warm neutral with orange undertones.  Or go all out by using Resene Copper Fire as a kitchen splashback or on smaller accent pieces. 

Or try paint colour names that speak for themselves: Resene Hot Toddy, Resene Brown Sugar, Resene Cioccolato and Resene Irish Coffee.

In my kitchen the delicate scents of vanilla and cinnamon, the sweet aroma of dates and caramel combined with the bitter dark blend of coffee are a perfect match to autumn colour; as if nature has served you up a colour chart.

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