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Hero blue with these dreamy wallpaper designs

21 Oct 2020

While blue is a colour served cold, thanks to its cool tones and fresh spirit, it is also incredibly dynamic. Inside, it can become warm and inviting, calming and peaceful, or undeniably energetic. Combine our colour tips with these charming designs from the Resene Wallpaper Collection for a blue-centred look that will fill your home with that special ‘something’.

Against a background of teal, white vines wend their way across Resene Wallpaper Collection SMIL69816705, available from Resene ColorShops, as if growing along the expanse of the wall. Try it as a feature wall in your bedroom with adjacent walls in similarly soft colours, like greyed lilac Resene Mischka and pastel grey Resene Longitude. Round out this look with vases painted in Resene Alabaster or Resene Bone, and add some natural textiles to bring in a gentle warmth.

Packed with sky-blue fronds, Resene Wallpaper Collection 90292, available from Resene ColorShops, is ornate and detailed, and a great way to lighten a space without compromising on visual interest. Highlight its dark, grey-blue accents with a casual throw in a hue like Resene Atomic. As materials go, velvet makes for a perfect pairing. The rich, luxurious fabric ties in with the design’s decorative elements, resulting in a room with splendour.

While blues are often soothing in nature, they can also be surprisingly electric. Resene Wallpaper Collection 366242, available from Resene ColorShops, offers a dramatic twist on tropics-inspired wallpaper. Pair this design with crisp whites like Resene Alabaster, Resene Black White or Resene White to keep your room looking bright. Bring in sleek furnishings and light woods reminiscent of Resene Blank Canvas as your room’s final masterstrokes.

There’s a lot to be said for a grey-blue interior. It’s a colour scheme that transcends time, never going out of style, and is versatile enough to be able to adapt to your tastes as they change. Resene Wallpaper Collection FI71308, available from Resene ColorShops, is a wonderful print if you’re wanting to work florals – and a hint of pastel blue – into a neutral-toned room. The design’s equal scattering of light and dark shades is a fantastic springboard for taking surrounding tones via furniture and accessories either way.

Layer upon layer of blossom-covered wagasa, Japanese oil-paper umbrellas, make Resene Wallpaper Collection HAN100326300, available from Resene ColorShops, a hero feature. It has that rare quality of pattern that doesn’t detract from other things you surround it with. This said, we recommend teaming it with crisp whites like Resene Alabaster, steel greys like Resene Scarpa Flow and wood textures. It is a formula for a true showstopper.