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HOMEmade recap: Michelle and Jeremy’s three-for-one transformation

10 Jan 2019

In the final episode of the season, the HOMEmade team found Michelle and Jeremy’s three bedroom weatherboard house stuck firmly in the 90s and in desperate need of a refresh. To make matters worse, the kitchen had deteriorated to the point that Michelle was forced to hold her oven door closed using a broomstick—hardly an ideal situation for an avid baker, like herself. And, given that there was no real division between the open plan kitchen/living/dining area, the HOMEmade team couldn’t just address one space without tackling all three.

Battling against the clock, the HOMEmade team replaced the existing carpeting with a new floating floor. The dated wallpaper also had to be painstakingly striped, the surface underneath was repaired, and new paintable Resene wallpaper was applied. HOMEmade’s experts also shifted the fridge from the middle of the room to a wall cavity, opening up the space to provide a better flow. A splash of colour along the back and side walls in Resene Frontier brought some much-needed freshness while keeping with the Hamptons look the team was after.

The final result was as dramatic as you’d imagine, and Michelle and Jeremy are much happier and more comfortable living in the 21st century.

The less than lovely lounge before

The kitchen and dining area before and after a fresh coat of Resene Athens Grey and Resene Black White. Resene’s paintable wallpaper made it easier to get the walls back to an easy-to-paint surface after the old paper was removed.

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