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Jun’s pop art goes global

22 Dec 2016

Artist and graphic designer Jun Arita is often on the move, so having a bag of Resene testpots to take with him and use in his art, is very helpful. “There are so many colours to choose from, they’re small and easy to take with me, they are reasonably priced, and good quality. They make my artwork bright and alive.”

Born in Japan but living in New Zealand, Jun’s colourful works draw on influences from pop art, traditional Japanese art, kanji (Chinese characters used in Japanese writing).

Jun has completed a number of art murals here and in Japan, and regularly exhibits in both countries as well as the Netherlands.  

He has participated in live painting events in collaboration with The Big Egg Hunt for Starship (below), Red Bull and Van Arts & Co.

Jun has collaborated with many other interesting artists, including Tiki Taane on art and design projects.

Jun's work holds a universal appeal, reflecting his own global persona.

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