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Leonie Mulqueeney turns compulsion into art

04 Nov 2015

Australian artist Leonie Mulqueeney is a self-confessed ‘compulsive doodler’ who turns her imaginings into dramatically colourful works of art… with a bit of help from Resene paints.

How did you get started?

I have been sketching and drawing all my life. I have worked as a building designer, manually drawing plans and presentations, as a graphic designer designing office Stationery and branding, and as an interior design teacher.

I had a gallery in Parramatta, Sydney, before moving to the Gold Coast.      

Tell us about your work.

I produce original contemporary abstract artworks. They have been particularly popular with apartment owners in my local area, the Gold Coast. There is a mix of both large and small works on canvas, using mainly acrylic or mixed media.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

My imagination, nature and many bottles of red!

How and why do you use Resene in your work?

I mainly use the acrylic paints; they are such good quality. I mainly use the primaries and mix my own combinations, but love the testpots – often when I see a colour, it challenges me to depart from my original vision.     


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