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Look out for these home design trends

05 Apr 2018

As new collections hit the stores with the change of season, it’s exciting to see what trends are emerging. We asked Freedom to share three trends that are helping to inform their upcoming collections for 2018, which we teamed with Resene colours. 

Retro glam

Create a coordinated interior theme with a touch of neutral decor and furniture. This look offsets a touch of modern opulence and 20s nostalgia, with area rugs and shelving and hits of deep, dark tones and rich metallic for that touch of glam.

Make a serious statement in your home with upscale materials such as velvet sofas, agate tabletops and mohair pillows, which add opulent depth to any interior. Adding a posh rug will instantly refresh the bedroom.

Retro glam is grounded with grey tones and rich navy with punches of emerald green for a modern statement.

Modern coastal

Smell the salty air as it drifts in through the billowing white voile curtains. Think rugged, wind-swept coastlines and soft muted tones, natural woods and washed crumpled linens. This is modern coastal.

The colour palette is soft with a predominance of ecru, natural white, stone and pebble greys. Darks are used sparingly to add depth, both black and navy. Warmth is added by the use of soft pinky browns and rust with just a hint of soft sage green.

Natural fibres with soft bleached washed linens and cottons dominate this story. Woods are presented in their natural state. Heavy textured woven and knits are evident. Colours are solid but washed, and there is little patterning apart from traditional tea-towel stripes used in bedding and home textiles.

Mid-century with a tribal twist

Effortlessly cool textures take centre stage with these natural decorating ideas. The look is grounded by the base of the rich patinas of pull up tan leathers, and enriched by tailored linens, balanced by the warm hues of timber.

It evokes the mood of a warm home with layers of rugs, throws and cushions – coming home will never feel as good as this.

The colour palette is rich in earthy tones inspired by the arid dessert, including terracotta and natural sand… subtle hues accented by decorative pops of colour and texture.

Woven lighting and baskets with deep pile rugs feel opulent. Colourful rugs and aged metallic accent pieces breathe fresh air into the natural decor of any room.

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