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Meet the artist behind the Miss Lolo Resene Wallpaper Collection

22 Jun 2022

Designer Tamzyn Adding believes in bold use of colour in her interiors. Her newest wallpaper collection with Resene reflects just that. “They’re never designed to merely blend in with the decor, they're designed to disrupt the environment, create a talking point among guests, and bring a much-needed burst of fun into the home.”

Miss Lolo was established in 2013 by celebrity fashion stylist Tamzyn. She saw a niche in the interiors market to offer a colourful alternative to a sea of beige that saturated interior furnishings.


‘Birds of Paradise’, part of her Resene Wallpaper Collection available from Resene ColorShops.

Coming from a family of established NZ artists and with a design degree behind her, she set out to achieve a brand of homewares that blurred the line between homewares and art. Originally she salvaged tired and retro pieces of furniture, giving them a new lease of life through vibrant colours and bold pattern.

“I take a fairly organic approach to how I design the wallpaper collection currently. I know I should have a highly organised mood board that clearly shows a direction or theme for the season, but the truth is I don't,” Tamzyn says.


‘Tickled Pink’, part of her Resene Wallpaper Collection available from Resene ColorShops.

“I get inspiration from anything and everything. My background comes from fashion so that's where I tend to draw most of my inspiration from. It's not unheard of for me to frantically be photographing something someone is wearing on TV!”

Her phone has all sorts of randomly saved photos she’s taken, all of which form the basis of a new wallpaper design. “My only firm staple for the wallpaper is to stop people in their tracks. That means it has to hold enough punch when they are scrolling social media (remember they're a size of a stamp if scrolling on your phone) for someone to stop and take a second look.”


 'Tropical Macaw, part of her Resene Wallpaper Collection available from Resene ColorShops.

She achieves that through large-scale prints and incredibly bold, often unusual colour combinations. “Most people, unless they're incredibly bold and confident in their design choices use our wallpaper as a feature only. In much the same way someone would purchase a piece of art our wallpapers become pieces of art for your home.”

Find her wallpaper collaboration with Resene at Resene ColorShops (NZ).


Published: 22 Jun 2022