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Minnie Mouse in painted perfection

24 Aug 2023

There’s nothing like a bit of Disney magic to put a smile on your face, and Peter and Clare have made just the whimsical sculpture to brighten up their outdoor area.

Making the most of Resene testpots when painting their giant statue of Minnie Mouse, they sought the help of the friendly staff at the Resene ColorShop in Tauranga who helped find the exact Disney colours they were looking for.

Before painting, however, they put in the hard work over a couple of years, part-time, to make this statue themselves. Using a few blocks of recycled totara, they sanded and carved the wood with basic hand tools and transformed it into a 750mm high statue of Minnie Mouse.  

“Thanks to Resene testpots I was able to use Disney-style bright colours,” Peter says. “She’s pretty cool.”


A hand-carved Minnie Mouse made from recycled totara, awaiting the magic of colour.

“We chose Minnie Mouse because our property fronts a popular public walkway and we wanted something that was fun, happy, and colourful that would put a smile on people’s faces, especially those of kids,” Peter says.

The finished Minnie Mouse painted in Resene Black, Resene Quarter Rice Cake , Resene Jalapeno, Resene Paper Doll, Resene Half Turbo, Resene West Side, Resene Groovy, Resene Abbey Road, Resene Deluge, Resene Manhattan, Resene Lipstick, Resene Cupid, Resene Lochmara, Resene Refresh and Resene Blackcurrant. 

Top tip: If you have a colourful work of art that you’ve put your heart and time into making, then you’ll want to be sure to protect it from the outdoor elements. Use a sealer over your paint like Resene Clearcoat UVS. UV light gradually breaks down vulnerable pigments in the final topcoat resulting in a faded paint finish. Resene Clearcoat UVS is formulated with UV absorbers to filter out harmful UV light, helping to protect the underlying coloured coat to keep it looking good for longer.

Published: 24 Aug 2023