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One kitchen, three delicious ways

11 Mar 2020

With the help of architect Malcolm Walker, Philip and Jane’s 1920s Auckland bungalow was given a transformation into the bold and modern multi-level stand out it is today, complete with a gorgeous new kitchen.

Jane and Philip’s newly renovated kitchen looks fresh with walls in Resene White complemented by moody charcoal bench tops and a counter-to-ceiling mosaic tile splash back behind the range. The accent wall at the left is in Resene Glamour Puss.

While Philip and Jane couldn’t ask for a better kitchen design, we asked two other designers to reimagine other alternative ideas for the same space.

Designer Becky Lee suggests this alternative scheme: 

“If I had to create a hashtag for this design, I think #desertglamchic would fit it! My starting point was the artwork, Midnight at the Oasis, which has been used as the inspiration for the hand-painted tiles across the back wall. For me, the desert evokes images of the muted tonal colours of rocks and minerals, and shimmering mirages. The varied finishes from the high-gloss Resene Rocky Mountain floor to the brushed brass accents reference the mirage while the panelling brings in a luxe old world aspect. The cabinetry is finished in Resene Despacito – the softest bone-meets-pink – and Resene Smoothie, which is earthy and complex. A large veined Caesarstone benchtop adds a mineral element while the barstools playfully contrast the hard lines and repeat the circular motifs of the sun design and cupboard handles.”

Becky’s eclectic design is a study in contrasts – old meets new, light meets dark, curved meets angular, matte meets gloss, and casual meets chic. The result is a warm and welcoming space, and the custom, hand-painted tile mural is a stunning standout in Resene Half Blanc, Resene Influential,Resene Shabby Chic and Resene Soulful. Resene Rocky Mountain on the floor grounds the space while the Resene Eighth Blanc ceiling provides lift. Resene Despacito and Resene Smoothie bring a sense of softness to the cabinets, despite their sharp lines, while the hanging smoked glass shelf creates intimacy without closing off the space. Range from Eurotech Design, drawer pulls from In Residence, antique food bowls and vase (on shelf) from Corcovado and blinds from Artisan Collective.

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Designer Georgia Langridge suggests this alternative scheme: 

“The overall concept I wanted to achieve, like with most spaces we design, was to keep the base of the room nice and neutral, allowing more transient pieces such as the barstools and decorative objects to provide a punch of personality that can evolve with seasonal, trend and taste changes. I started by analysing the space, which had great elements to work with. What was immediately apparent was the tremendous light that came into the space through the existing large windows. I liked how it provided a contrast to the full height dark joinery on the left; this immediately gave a great sense of light and shade which I wanted to play up on. To balance the right side of the space, I added a streamlined mesh pendant and custom shutters in Resene Stack, which both control light allowances.”

Georgia’s design embraces the beautiful foundation that this kitchen already had and plays to its strengths. To create light and shade within the darker elements, she has contrasted matte surfaces, such as the Resene Colorwood Pitch Black timber cupboards, with shiny surfaces, like the tiled splashback, to help bounce light around the room. The floor in Resene Colorwood Driftwood and the walls provide warmth, as do the velvet chairs, while Resene Half Black White works as a neutral backdrop on the lower cabinets, walls, ceiling and trims. Bowl from Backhouse, shutters from Santa Fe, drawer pulls from ECC.

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illustrations Malcolm White

architect Malcolm Walker

designers Becky LeeGeorgia Langridge

image Tom Young