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One outdoor patio, two striking designs

12 Aug 2020

Jeff and Kay’s achromatic outdoor patio hideaway is as enviable as they come. Designed by Studio2 Architects, it features a sheltered dining table as well as a separate lounge area with an outdoor fireplace for keeping warm on cool nights. The vertical cedar cladding is stained in Resene Waterborne Woodsman CoolColour Pitch Black while the cement wall and patio roof framing are painted Resene CoolColour All Black. In addition to this, under a louvred ceiling, a dining area with a black and concrete table and black and white striped cushions takes form. The result is an outdoor space that is minimalistic yet striking in design.

While this space is perfection in its own right, we asked Kate Rogan and Eva Nash of Rogan Nash Architects to come up with a totally different take for those who favour a touch of colour in their outdoor area:

“The original scheme of this patio has plenty of drama, but to give it a different look, we decided to add some lightness and colour. The idea was to create the feel of a comfortable garden retreat. We have brightened the fireplace by painting it in Resene Merino, which draws the eye up. The introduction of Resene Tom Thumb on the rear wall visually extends the garden, inviting you to sit at the outdoor table. We added colour with the Jardin Ilevie Table and painted the HAY Palisade Arm Chairs in Resene Retro to match. Their thin frames also make the space feel generous. The finishing touches of the white Artek plant pots and Jardin Fermob planter add playfulness to the design and bring the garden further into the space.”

Eva and Kate demonstrate how this already strikingly designed patio could look with different textures and a few pops of colour. Dining chairs painted in Resene Retro, deck in Resene Woodsman Natural, fireplace in Resene Merino, back wall in Resene Tom Thumb, exterior cladding in Resene Waterborne Woodsman CoolColour Pitch Black timber stain and pergola in Resene All Black. Table and planter box from Jardin, gas fireplace from Escea, dining chairs and lounger from HAY, plant pots (on table) from Città.

Top tip: If you can’t find just the right colour furniture to suit your palette, paint it yourself. When painting new galvanised metal furniture, first wash it with Resene Roof and Metal Wash then apply Resene Galvo One before finishing with two topcoats of Resene Lustacryl semi-gloss waterborne enamel. If your furniture is old and rusty, consult your local Resene ColorShop for advice and which products you will need to treat it.

illustration Malcolm White