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One sofa, two warm winter schemes

19 Jun 2019

Sofas are a big investment – one that needs to be comfortable and flexible enough to accommodate not only your day-to-day seating needs but also when you entertain or move house. One popular solution is to opt for a sectional sofa.

Sectional sofas are a lot different than they used to be when they first arrived on the home furnishings scene. While the large-scale single piece versions of the past had their benefits – enough room to seat the whole family, space to stretch out when you want to tuck in for a nap – their bulky nature often made them inflexible if you needed to reconfigure your floor plan.

Luckily, there are an increasing number of clever sofa options that provide ample seating, layout flexibility and maximum comfort. Here, we look at just one sectional sofa – the Flock Lounger from nood – and how it can be incorporated into two completely different warm and wintery living room schemes using some of Resene’s most on-trend colours.

Dreamy green

These lounge walls in Resene Balderdash strike the balance between trendy and timeless.

Jade greens continue to be popular – and for good reason. They go with a surprisingly diverse number of shades. Deep and earthy Resene Balderdash, shown here on the walls of this lounge, is dark enough to create a bit of drama while not being so dark that it sucks the warmth from the space.

Pair it with emerald accessories in Resene Atlas, a couple of side tables in a smoky off-purple brown like Resene Rebel and a few Resene Solid Gold metallic details.

Props: Flock Lounger, Dark Jungle Framed Canvas, Noguchi Coffee Table, Velo Stitch Cushion, Jungle Leaf Cushion, Marco Weave Throw, Siren Throw and Kirsten Planter, all from nood.

Light & Bright

Resene Triple Merino is an extremely flexible grey-white with just a touch of olive undertone, making it an ideal fit alongside sunshine shades like Resene I Dare You.

If cloudy winter weather has you feeling down, bringing a little bit of sunshine inside with a bold yellow may be just what the doctor ordered. As one of the most cheerful colours out there, a little of this trendy hue goes a long way in a neutral lounge like this one, painted Resene Triple Merino.

To complete a look like this one, try sunny Resene I Dare You on a console table, add an accent wall or trim a window in Resene Eighth Bokara Grey to break up the white walls, then try a touch of Resene Half Dusted Blue on a bookcase and a few favourite small accessories for interest and balance.

Props: Flock Lounger, Tiger Framed Canvas Artwork, Siren Throws, Karoo Cushion, Anika Cushion and Jira Cushion, all from nood.

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