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Peta keeps her passion alive

26 Jul 2018

For the last 10 years, artist Peta Williamson has been working in some of the most remote areas in Australia. This didn’t stop her, however, from pursuing her art, developing exterior artworks to withstand the extreme environments.

Peta has returned to city living and with that, to a proper studio, where she continues to develop her art, using Resene paints and products. She tells us more.

Tell us about your current work or ventures.

I am currently creating a catalogue of pieces with a view to exhibit next year.

My style is versatile and lends itself to many mediums and genres.

Right now, I’m creating this table top for a client in Castlemaine.

I am also working on a new catalogue of works from sculpture style artworks on mannequins to canvas and exterior panels.

I do a lot of abstract interior design pieces along with hand painted murals in public venues and restaurants.

I am looking forward to creating connections in the student or community art field and sharing my skills with youth to create pieces in the near future.

How do you incorporate Resene products and paint into your work?

I use Resene in all of my painted works. There is a product to meet all of my wide variety of needs across their range.

How has the style of your pieces evolved?

I started at 17 years of age, doing paid artworks for venues and people. It started with menu board style dry pastel artworks, then a couple of years later I moved into abstract canvas and hand painted murals in venues and schools. Each year I would add a new style or surface.

I worked with youth around Victoria from 2000 to 2005 and also in the north of Western Australia from 2014 to 2017. I have also held a couple of successful exhibitions over the years.

The core of my business is commissioned one-off pieces, hand painted murals, pen and ink designs, portraits, menu board art in venues and consulting with clients to repurpose their spaces and furnishings.

What has influenced your work?

My artistic influences are Picasso and Dali. However, I find I am drawn to cultural imagery and pattern work. I love the stories different cultures can tell with patterns and images.

I find now, 19 years after my first paid job, that I have my own language and I speak through that in my pieces.

I love hearing what others see in my work. The fun in it is that every time you look you see something else or different in the detail.

Do you have a favourite colour?

I’m in love with Resene Adrenalin. It’s so vibrant! And it gives off energy and warmth – I love it!

Published: 26 Jul 2018