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Pinpoint that ‘indescribable’ colour you’ve been searching for with the Resene Find-A-Colour tool

28 May 2020

For artists and designers, learning the characteristics of paint pigments and how they mix with one another is only part of learning about paint. Many learn early on – perhaps even in primary school – that red, blue and yellow are the primary colours. These pigments can be mixed together in seemingly endless different ratios – along with black and white – in order to create any hue on the colour wheel or your trusty fan deck.

However, CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black), RGB (red, green and blue) and HEX values are other common systems that can be used to identify specific colours used in print or digital mediums. Today, many artists and designers are multi-disciplinary and use these systems as part of their work. Sometimes, being familiar with identifying or describing colours using all of these systems, or ‘colour languages’ is the only way you’ll know that you’re going to get the particular colour you’re looking for.

How does all this translate into the real world? Well, let’s say your company has a specific colour that’s synonymous with your brand or visual identity. Chances are, your graphic designer can tell you what that colour is in CMYK, RGB or HEX. But let’s say you want to use that colour on the walls of your shop to give your customer a unified experience. How will you find the perfect paint colour to match?

That’s where the handy online Resene Find-A-Colour tool comes in! With the click of your mouse, you can find the Resene paint swatches that are closest to a known RGB, HSL, LAB, CMYK or HEX value. And, if you’re not sure on any of those values, simply drag your cursor along the colour wheel until you find the hue that’s closest to what you’re looking for to get a list of similar paint colour options.

Or you can simply select a colour from the Resene Find-A-Colour spectrum and it can find you the nearest Resene paint colours, plus suggest complementary colour suggestions for you to help you start creating your palette.

And, of course, if you still can’t find the perfect match that you’re looking for, Resene can always create a custom colour match to your own sample free. Just bring it into any Resene ColorShop or Reseller.

Try the Resene Find-A-Colour tool now.