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Q&A: Annabel gets the hots for blue

14 Mar 2017

Interior designer Annabel Berry of Oamaru-based Design Federation is in love with navy, in particular Resene Coast. She tells us why, and what else she loves and about her work.

Do you have a signature style?

I lean towards a coastal aesthetic, keeping spaces fresh and relaxed. I am obsessed with blue and every version of it.

What home design trends are you excited about at the moment and why?

Navy is coming back in a big way. It’s the new black! Upholstered bedheads are also making a comeback and we have developed a range that we make in-house.

Technology that is making our homes smarter is an exciting element to new home design.

What Resene colours are you drawn to at the moment and why?

Resene Coast is my navy of choice. We chose it for the ceiling of the Oamaru i-SITE and it is so beautiful (above).

Resene Balance is such a warm and soft colour which we paired with Resene Duck Egg Blue (another favourite) in a gym. This combination could work equally well in a bedroom.

Resene Turkish Delight is exactly that - a delight!

These colours are all off the latest Resene The Range fashion colours 18 fandeck.

If you were designing for yourself, what three things would top your wish list?

Vaulted ceilings – creating that beautiful height and space with feature pendants dropping through it.

Outdoor rooms – extending the inside out with large verandahs, outdoor fires and large outdoor seating options.

A conversation pit – creating a media-removed space for good conversations.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your work.

Design Federation is a boutique interior design studio based in the beautiful old precinct in Oamaru (below) with display walls in Resene Bellbottom Blue by the bed, and Resene Zephyr, behind the sofa. The door on the left is Resene Irresistible and the one on the right is Resene Half Kumutoto. We work on a range of local projects from residential new builds to large commercial projects. We love working with our clients, bring passion and enthusiasm to everything we do and are focused on providing creative and innovative solutions to every project.  

Do you have a favourite or particularly memorable project?

We are currently working on the new retirement village. Getting positive feedback on the beautiful spaces we are creating for older residents is heart-warming. Creating spaces that make people smile is our objective, where the spaces work, people feel welcome, relaxed and happy. That is the key to our role as designers, to create functional spaces with heart.

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Published: 14 Mar 2017