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Rainbow angel wing mural a hit in Carterton

26 Feb 2020

A stunning angel wing mural in Carterton has become the ‘it’ spot to take Instagram-worthy snaps. Created by Anna-Marie Kingsley and Mike Osborne, thanks to sponsorship by Resene and Wai Art Trust, the multi-coloured mural is a beautiful result of community spirit. 

Painted beside the police station in Holloway Street, the police were helpful in its completion, even water blasting the path for Anna-Marie and Mike so they could paint footprints leading up the wall.

The artists, community and Mayor Greg Lang are in agreement of the mural’s fun contribution to Carterton, and hope it’ll become a must-see for national and international tourists. Stepping blocks are available on site for the vertically challenged, so no one has to miss out on getting that perfect picture!

Header image: Carterton mayor Greg Lang and his wife Ali posed with the angel wings mural painted in a host of Resene colours.