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Reader roundup: Mini trains, a unique door and a mural painted by 100 children

12 Jun 2024

We’ve got some one-of-a-kind projects to show you this month. Our readers continue to surprise us with their creative skills and thoughtful designs. Murals from small to large, bright red trains that delight, and the most colourful kitchens; these are sure to give you some inspiration of your own. Remember we love to see your finished projects so please do email us a photo and the Resene colours and/or Resene wallpapers you used to [email protected].  

Cross Creek Railway Society have used bright red, Resene Jalapeno, for the carriages on their trains, as well as a gold hue for the plaques. The combination of the red and gold was used to match the colours of the society’s logo.  

“We are extremely grateful to Resene for its support,” says Marcus, chair of Cross Creek Railway Society. “Consulting with other miniature railway societies, Resene Jalapeno is a match for the red that was historically used on passenger cars in the heyday of the Rimutaka Incline. We also needed a durable black for the high wear foot plates and the Resene ColorShop in Masterton was critical to making the right paint choice that will last for many years to come. Feedback from the Featherston community is they love the new passenger carriage colour scheme.” 

If you’re ever in Featherston, head along with the family for a colourful mini train ride. 

Stepping away from current kitchen trends, Mischelle decided to do something unique and refreshing in the heart of her home. With bright tones of red, orange and yellow in Resene Fizz, Resene Hi Jinx and Resene Chaos, plus trims in Resene Nero and a white of Resene Eighth Black White, she definitely has a one-of-a-kind kitchen that’s sure to inspire colour lovers!  

To follow along with Mischelle’s home reno visit Mischelle Mills (@ashnshelsboughtahouse)

Craig decided to refresh his living space with a Resene Mason Handcrafted Wallpaper design. Resene Wallpaper Design Mason Tosca MT02 features the shades Resene Nero, Resene FX Pearl Shimmer and Resene Gold Dust, and Craig used Resene Black White for the walls, ceiling and trims. His inspiration behind this design was to create a ‘cigar room and mafia style theme’, which along with some artwork and black velvet sofa, he has achieved.  

Try out the artistry of traditional handcrafted wallpaper yourself with the Mason Handcrafted wallpaper collection. Mason wallpaper collection books are available to view at selected Resene ColorShops. You can choose from a standard colour combination or print a Mason handcrafted wallpaper using your favourite Resene colours. 

Merel from Studio Birdy has used an array of charming Resene colours to transform this space into something special and unique. Her mural includes Resene Bach, Resene Just Right, Resene Olive Green, Resene Beryl Green, Resene Mai Tai and Half Emerge. “Once a bathroom of a restaurant, now a lawyer’s office, you would have to walk around the building to get here,” Merel says. “Because the building is set in an industrial area, I wanted to create a botanical feel that connects people to the outdoors and nature.” 

To see more of Merel’s work or enquire about a mural for your space, head to Studio Birdy 

Chrissy Wickes, a community artist in Wānaka, transforms local spaces in works of art. Recently, she worked with Kahu Youth to complete a mural at the youth centre. The new site meant there were only white walls, so Chrissy ran five workshops and worked with many youth who helped to create the mural. It was an open brief, and a chance for the children to have their say about what is important to them. The result is a joyful and vibrant masterpiece that reflects nature, friendship and all things good. The children and Chrissy used “every colour under the sun” including Resene metallics for some added shine. The community is absolutely thrilled with the result, and Chrissy plans to enter the mural the Resene Mural Masterpieces competition later in the year. “It was a collaborative effort aimed to empower youth voices and cultivate a sense of community pride through art,” Chrissy says. “About 100 local youth were involved.” 

To see more of Chrissy’s work, visit Art by Chrissy Wickes.Image on left by Deanna Gerlach. 

Share your projects using Resene with us – we love to see them! Email us at
[email protected] 

Published: 12 Jun 2024