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Safe, simple and fun

05 Sep 2018

Getting the kids bathed and ready for bed can be fun – but after a long day, it can also feel like an exhausting challenge. If you have the right bathroom set-up, safety awareness, and some carefully chosen bath toys, it’ll be more fun and less effort for everyone involved.

The team from Plumbing World shows how to do bath-time right:

Get the right gear

Bathing the kids is easier when you get your bathroom set up right. If you have babies or smaller children, that means a bath with lower sides so you don’t have to strain your back leaning over to hold them – check out the Caroma Luna Bath to see what we mean.

For older children, a removable, adjustable showerhead comes in handy – lower it to suit varying heights and remove to rinse hair without the dreaded soap in the eyes. The Toto Rei showerhead is a great, affordable example.

Safety made simple 

Water is fun, but it can also be dangerous. Prevent slips and bumps by using a rubber mat in the bath or shower and adjust your hot water temperature to below 50°C to prevent burning delicate skin. If you’re on gas, you can even install a control panel to easily turn down the temperature for bath time, and then turn it back up when the grown-ups are ready for a hot shower.

Make bath time easier

Want to make bath time easier and more fun? Check out the latest Home Catalogue for family-friendly bathroom options, or pop into your local Plumbing World to see the products for yourself.

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