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Three’s The Block NZ recap: living rooms you’ll love

16 Aug 2018

The teams had a fun time last week, with challenges that included meme creating and cake decorating, on top of getting their living rooms ready for room reveal. The cherry on top for Claire and Agni was their win at room reveal, beating out Amy and Stu by using a minus one card. Strategies aside, the teams really thought about colour schemes and styling their rooms, with beautiful results. Here are the reveals.

Claire & Agni (Winner)
House 1:

When the judges walked into Claire and Agni’s living room for the first time they were shocked with what they had done and thought it was gorgeous.

Enveloped in deep emerald green Resene Atlas, the living room is cosy, modern and incredibly inviting.

The team chose a black and white palm trees illustration wallpaper design (design 33606-1 from the Resene Wallpaper Collection, available from Resene ColorShops) as their featured wall which brings a perfect amount of texture and interest to the room, while the decor in ruby reds and golds create a warm, luxe space.

Judge Jason Bonham said the space feels really layered. “The way you’ve grouped your accessories gives the room some real identity.” And both judges agreed that the botanical arrangement was beautiful.

The judges also thought the choice of sofa was fantastic and the way Claire and Agni had it arranged with the mismatched chairs was perfect. The hardwood floor was a good choice for the space and the storage cabinet was a nice idea.

Overall, Jason and fellow judge Kristina Rapley said it was a pleasant surprise to walk into the space and see how the team has upped their game. This is the best space they’ve done to date.

Ben & Tom
House 2:

The boys stepped out of their comfort zone last week and went with a bold colour for their living room. Jason applauded the boys for being brave with their choice. Ben and Tom chose rich ochre Rob Roy for the feature wall alongside walls in Resene Half Sea Fog, earning praise from the judges.

“This is so different from you boys. It is some warmth and softness, which is exactly what’s been missing.”

They loved the family friendly, cosy sofa, the layering and the way the black TV credenza and the coffee table tied the room together.

Kristina said the velvet chairs with the gold legs were the highlight of the room for her. Jason’s highlight was the stunning artwork.

Overall, this week was such an improvement.

Chlo & Em
House 3:

Although Chlo and Em’s room had the judges divided, the team created a stunning space that feels fresh and stylish, with walls painted in Resene Rice Cake and ceiling painted in Resene Alabaster.

Kristina loved the living room – the carpet, the rug, the open shelving, the hanging chair and and all of the accessorising. She also loved the ottoman and thought the pomegranate material was cute, quirky, earthy and organic. Both judges agreed that the storage cupboard was a good idea.

To go for white when all the teams know that the judges love colour was a brave move.

Amy & Stu
House 4:

When it comes to paint colour trends and styling, Amy and Stu are always on the money. This week they went with Resene Calibre on the walls, a peach, brown and ochre hue, hugely popular with interior designers the world over.

The judges thought it’s really beautiful and that it could be quite polarising with the pinks and the browns but they pulled it off. 

Kristina loved the chocolate drapes as they were so unexpected but really worked. She was also a fan of the lights in the room, as the material added a bit of hardness to an otherwise soft space.

Jason loved their choice of sofa – the leather really worked well in the room and added some nice texture. The cabinetry under the television was fantastic and the single wall painted in Resene Alabaster added some freshness to the room.

Overall, it was another great room, with great colour, great execution and great styling.

Furniture from Freedom Furniture. Flooring from Carpet Court.

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