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Three’s The Block NZ recap: Laundry and Do-Over week

27 Sep 2018

Last Sunday on The Block NZ, the teams struck a great balance between good looks and practicality for their laundries, and got a chance to re-do a space that hadn’t scored so well first time around. Two of the teams chose bedroom makeovers and two gave a new look to their landing spaces.

Claire & Agni (winner)
House 1


The judges’ first impression was that it was a great use of colour and a well-designed compact space. The floor tiles were a fantastic choice, and a fun element. The blush pink towel picked up the pink in the tiles and was complemented well by the sage green wall colour, Resene Organic.

Judge Jason Bonham thought the mirrored splashback was a good choice, making the room seem larger. Stacking the washer and dryer also made the most of the space, and Jason liked the choice of material for the cabinetry.

Overall, the judges were really impressed that for a compact space, this laundry had been well designed and is very ergonomic.

The judges first impression was that it was a huge improvement on the look and feel of the original kid’s bedroom

The styling was great and the finishing this week was exceptional. It’s clear the team spent a lot of time getting it right this week. Jason loved the choice of wall colour, Resene Manuka Honey.

Fellow judge Kristina Rapley absolutely loved the wallpaper, Resene Wallpaper Collection design 90312. She felt that it transported her to an exotic space. She also felt the styling was just right: not too little, not too much.

Overall, it was hard to fault this week. It was an elegant space that wasn’t too gimmicky. It felt softer, warmer and a lovely space to be in.

Amy & Stu
House 4


The judges first impression was that it was a beautiful use of colour accents in a fresh white space, painted in Resene Rice Cake. Dusky pink tiles and the accessories tie-in beautifully with the powder room done in the previous week.

Kristina loved the fact that the team chose a nice pink hero colour and peppered it through the space. It worked well with the fresh white walls and cabinetry. The white cabinetry was a good choice and it was nice to see lots of storage and working areas in the room.

Jason thought ergonomically the space functioned very well, especially with the large storage cupboard at the back of the room. Overall, there was a consistent artisanal feel in the space. It was obvious the team had a plan and executed it well, yet again.


For their re-do room, Amy and Stu chose to makeover the bedroom Claire and Agni created in week one, before the house swap.

The judges first impression was the space totally says ‘desert chic’. The team nailed the brief.

The wall colour was a brave choice, Resene Corvette. The room felt like a complete transformation and it had some serious personality. Removing the battens on the wall was a good call, and it was nice to see a painted wooden shelf.

Overall, there were some brave choices made in the room this week, especially with the colour.

Ben & Tom
House 2


The judges’ first impression was that it was a lovely use of soft colour on the walls, Resene Quarter Lemon Grass, and the patterned floor tiles added some real interest to the room.

Jason felt that despite not continuing the bench around the back wall, it was still a good working space. It was also good to see a decent-sized sink. Overall, it was a functional and practical laundry that will appeal to buyers.


The judges said that the decision to whitewash the plywood around the skylights using Resene Colorwood Whitewash was a really good move. It has totally transformed the landing space, making it feel warm and soft.

The beige textured wallpaper, Resene Wallpaper Collection design 448504, was also a good choice, and worked really well with the whitewashed plywood. It lightened up the whole space and made it feel bigger. There was a marked improvement with the exposed trusses.

Now that the space is complete, the rest of the house has come together and the spaces make much more sense. The styling was better this week too.

Overall, it was a huge improvement from how the space looked before, well finished, well styled and well done.

Chlo & Em
House 3


The judges' first impression was what a lovely use of soft, calming wall colour, Resene Rice Cake, and materiality. The tiles were a beautiful choice, adding lovely texture. Extending the benchtop around the back wall was also a great decision as it created another workspace.

Jason liked the colour of the cabinetry and felt it was a good choice to place the washer and dryer side by side to create more bench space.

Kristina thought the space felt really calming and fresh. And it was lovely to see some art

in the room to add a pop of colour and texture. Overall, it was a lovely, fresh and pleasant space to be in. Really nice job!


The judges' first impression was what a lovely, soft, luscious landing. The beautiful deep burgundy wall colour, Resene Desperado is a real winner, giving a lovely glimpse of warmth and soul as you come up the stairs.

Jason was happy to see additional storage as you can never have too much. Kristina thought the art was classic Chlo and Em - quirky and cute.

Overall, the whole space was a huge improvement from the previous look. It was cosy, comfortable and chic.

Furniture from Freedom Furniture. Flooring from Carpet Court.

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