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Blue and white - a timeless combo

25 Oct 2018

Some colour combinations transcend seasons or trends. Designer Kate Alexander takes a look at what makes blue and white such a classic match, and how to use it well in your own home using Resene colours.

Tones of blue matched with crisp white, softened with grey and warmed with gold and neutrals - it's a fail-safe colour-combo that works its magic every time. Think about the way the sea laps on golden sands, or the sun peeks through cloudy skies; nature knows these colours are good friends and it’s a palette that is easy to recreate at home.

Take floors in Resene Colorwood Whitewash, layer with a jute rug, throw a navy-striped cushion on a white linen couch and finish with a gold tray filled with shells collected from the beach. Add walls in stormy blue Resene Coast and soft Resene Milk White - the result is a relaxed, yet grown-up, living room.

Cushions are an easy way to experiment with the blue and white palette. Here pops of gold add oomph to the look, layered around a Resene Colorwood Whitewash table and floor, with Resene Milk White walls. 

A simple way to try the combination is to experiment with a collection of cushions in royal navy paired with stonewashed linen, frayed eggshell edges, subtle blue and white stripes and glorious gold.

Resene Yuma, from the new The Range fashion fandeck from Resene, is almost neutral but has just enough yellow for it not to be beige. It goes swimmingly with the moody dark blue of Resene Coast and cool Resene Milk White. This pairing would be right at home as an external scheme for a coastal weatherboard home.

The same combination works really well to cut though golden tones of wooden floors and furniture. The addition of a milky white such as Resene White Pointer provides crisp contrasts without being too harsh.

The deep blue of Resene Coast with Resene Milk White walls, cuts through the mellow gold tones of wood for extra punch.   

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