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Vic and Dael's colour inspiration

30 Nov 2017

Colour is important in Vic Bibby and Dael Brady's world. The interior design team and owners of Bibby and Brady are renowned for beautiful, colourful spaces, and their special eye for detail has made their designs world class.

We asked Vic and Dael to pick a few of their favourite Resene colours, and what draws them to these certain hues. 

Photograph by Jane Ussher for NZ House & Garden

?We love the deep moodiness that Resene Celestial Blue brings to a space. Dark colours can create a cosiness and a definite sense of atmosphere and glamour. Wood, white, metallics, and other jewel colours look particularly beautiful against this deep navy. 

Photograph by Florence Charvin

If we’re working with a space that doesn’t get a lot of natural light, rather than painting it white, which can look dirty and flat, we like to use a neutral with a little bit of pigment in it. This helps to bounce light around the room.

Resene Eighth Lemon Grass is a beautiful soft neutral with a hint of green, and is one of our favourites. It looks amazing with wood, black, white and dusty pinks.


Photograph by Florence Charvin

?When it comes to choosing a white paint, it can be overwhelming as there are so many of them. It depends on the individual room and how much sun and natural light it gets.

We have several go-to whites but one of our favourites is Resene Half Bianca, which is soft and fleecy with a neutral undertone. It’s not at all cream, but it’s warmer than a stark white.


Photograph by Florence Charvin

?We love the dreamy, ethereal nature of Resene Sea Nymph. It adds beautiful muted colour to a space, and is very calming. It’s very suited to a New Zealand palette which reflects the sea and sky.

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