Curtains know-how

When you're new to home renovating, curtains are one of those furnishing details that can sometimes be taken for granted... until it's time to have them installed. All of a sudden the questions come racing: Where do I start, what fabrics do I choose, do I need to hire someone to hang them? 

Happily, Resene stocks a diverse range of high-quality curtain fabrics, designed to match many of their most popular paint colours – you’ll find handy colour matches for each of the curtain colour on the curtain card. Your local Resene Colour Expert will help you choose your fabric, and will answer any of your queries.

One question we can immediately answer is no, you don't necessarily need to hire somebody to hang your Resene curtains. It's just as easy to do it yourself! 

Here's what you need to know.


To start, measure the width of your curtain track – write this measurement into the ‘track width’ section on the order form.

If you are measuring for a new track, we recommend that you add 20-30cm to both sides of the window measurement to allow for the curtains to be stacked back – leaving the window clear, when curtains are opened.

To measure for the curtain drop, measure from the top of the track to the point where the curtains will end. Write this measurement into the ‘curtain length’ section on the order form.


Once you have your curtains, on the curtain tape draw in the three cords on the side of the curtain by about 10cm. Tie the three cords together, into a knot. Then draw in the three cords from the other side, to gather the curtain to the desired width, spacing out the pleats evenly as you do so. When the pleats are evenly spaced, tie the three cords on this side.

Insert plastic hooks into the top woven pocket on the tape approximately every four pleats. The hook is inserted upside down and turned over. Once all hooks are in the curtain, attach the hook to the track, by slipping the hook into the track glide.

NB: If the height needs adjusting, change the placement of the hook in the tape pockets, up or down. If the width needs adjusting, either gather or ungather the curtain tape using the three cords.

Care instructions

Remember to clean your curtains every now and again. Remember to remove hooks, rings and trims before cleaning. Do not allow dust to accumulate. Regularly, gently vacuum with appropriate attachment. Do not wash. Dry cleaning is recommended, and make sure to test first. Solvent cleaning on a low temperature and a short cycle. Possible shrinkage for Resene curtains is 4%.

The Resene Curtain Collection is available through Resene ColorShops and selected curtain specialists.

Published: 15 Jul 2015

Do you have a home full of wonderful Resene paint and colour? Send us some snaps by emailing [email protected].

Turn up the heat with this tropical touch of colour. The fabric is Coral in colour Flame from the Resene Curtain Collection. Colour match with Resene Pohutukawa (pictured), Resene Half Tea or Resene Stonehenge.

Ramp up the wow factor with this dramatic design, Safari in colour Blond from the Resene Curtain Collection. Offset with Resene Whiteout (pictured), Resene Triple Rakaia or Resene Half Baltic Sea.

Roman shades are ideal for small bare windows needing a little love. Try this Verde fabric in colour Hydra with a woven leaf detail, from the Resene Curtain Collection. Pair with Resene Breathless (pictured), Resene Truffle or Resene Half Napa.

Chevron in colour Steel, from the Resene Curtain Collection, features a classic and stylish geometric pattern and comes in three metallic colours. Keep the accompanying paint colour soft with Resene Double Sea Fog (pictured), Resene Rakaia or Resene Quarter Tapa. 

Get glam with this art deco-inspired fabric, Paradise in colour Blonde from the Resene Curtain Collection. Soft and classic tonal colours highlight the intricate embroidered look of this fabric. Match with Resene Thorndon Cream, Resene White Pointer or Resene Half Cougar (pictured).

For a simple and sophisticated look, opt for this classically textured design, Nano in colour Naturalle, from the Resene Curtain Collection. Ideal colours to match are Resene White Pointer, Resene Truffle (pictured) or Resene Eighth Mondo.

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