Dining goes soft and citrus

Whether your dining room stands alone or is part of an open plan living area, it's always nice to have something that differentiates it from the kitchen and lounge area. Using Resene greys and citrus hues, stylist Emily Somerville-Ryan has made her mark on this dining room, creating a modern Scandi look that strikes the balance between subtle and striking.

Emily’s trick to creating statement walls without it feeling over the top (something you don’t want in an area where you like to relax and enjoy meals) is to mix extra-large geometrics with a neutral colour palette. A dash of acid Resene Sublime and Resene Hypnotic brings it all to life.

Beyond the pale

Some people like all white walls, while others are all about colour. Then there’s those who are looking for the in between.

Neutrals are often misunderstood to be boring, but they are more than white and pale grey. Look to this colour scheme as an example, where Emily has mixed up four very different neutrals, that seamlessly sit together – Resene Half Duck Egg Blue, Resene Half Carefree, Resene Quarter Stack and Resene Quarter Surrender.

Using the neutrals for different components of the scheme gives rich texture and depth to the room, and provides a beautiful base for the citrus colours to come through.

Citrus fresh

Citrus has become a popular shade of late, its zesty tones look good next to trendy deep greys – the latter tends to soften the pop of the citrus, making it easier to use it more substantially in a home.

Tropical greens are set to take over from muddier greens next year, and lime is one to watch out for. Emily has chosen Resene Sublime as the hero citrus of this scheme, offset by Resene Quarter Stack – a match made in heaven. This fresh colour scheme would also look good in a kitchen or outdoor dining area.

Props: Contrast Pendant light and Talo Mug in Fog from Citta. Linens & More Tibetan Lamb Fur Cushions in Natural and Grey from Shut the Front Door. Wooden fruit from Kikki K. Wooden shapes from Country Road.

Dress up your table with these three DIY ideas for summer table linen, using Resene greens and tropical-inspired patterns. Check out more clever ideas at www.habitatbyresene.co.nz/habitat-tv.

Published: 21 Dec 2017

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painting triangles, how to paint triangles, green dining room, grey dining room, painting a feature

With contrasting Resene greys and a citrus hit, this dining room is looking fresh. The triangles are painted in Resene Quarter Stack (grey) and Resene Hypnotic. The wall and chairs are painted in Resene Quarter Surrender and the floor is painted in Resene Half Duck Egg Blue. The table is painted in Resene Half Carefree and the green vases are painted in Resene Sublime.


Wendy Fenwick, styling by Emily Somerville-Ryan.

painting triangles, how to paint triangles, green dining room, grey dining room, painting a feature

Keep an eye out for citrus shades and strong greys in trending colour schemes. Get the look with vases painted in Resene Sublime and Resene Quarter Surrender, wall triangle painted in Resene Hypnotic, table painted in Resene Half Carefree and candlestick painted in Resene Quarter Stack. The wall is painted in Resene Quarter Surrender. 

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