Moving on in Merlin’s Requiem: Wallpapers star in this home renovation which celebrates singledom

When Caroline’s partner of five years left there was only one thing to do; completely renovate her house. Caroline says she coloured herself happy using everything from hand-crafted Masons wallpaper to cabinetry in Resene Tuscany and purple Resene Chapta And Verse. This formerly neutral Rangiora house is now titled ‘Merlin’s Requiem’ an eclectic and colourful expression of independence and a home Caroline can finally find comfort in.  

The renovation is a celebration of singledom and is a labour of love for Caroline. “I didn’t just renovate this house for myself, I renovated it for all the women out there who think they’re stuck,” says Caroline, who named her renovated home Merlin’s Requiem after her beloved red Persian cat.

“I want to show them that they can empower themselves with creativity.”

The idea to renovate was a spur of the moment decision for Caroline, who was instantly attracted to the colourful hues of Resene Wallpaper Collection GLA707.

 “The wallpaper just jumped out at me when I walked past the Resene shop window,” says Caroline. “It is a really autumnal, vibrantly patterned wallpaper and when I saw it, I just thought ‘wow’.

“In that moment I knew that this was going to be my master plan and that I would decorate my home around this wallpaper.”

Caroline lined the walls of her hallway in Resene Wallpaper Collection GLA707, a contemporary floral design bursting with earthy reds, yellows, and purples.

“The hallway wallpaper is very busy, but that’s why it’s in the hallway where people are walking past. It would be a bit distracting if it was in the sitting room,” says Caroline.

She chose Resene Wallpaper Collection GLA707 to complement the dark blue Resene Indian Ink hues in the lounge wallpaper. 

“The wallpaper in the hallway has a dark blue background that matches the sitting room’s curtains and wallpaper. I love it more each day.” 

In the living area, Caroline created a feature wall with the Poppies design from the Mason handcrafted wallpaper collection available from Resene ColorShops. The hand-painted wallpaper has a base of Resene Indian Ink and Resene White with accents of metallic Resene Bedrock and Resene Gold Dust. The feature wall provides the perfect backdrop for Caroline’s eclectic décor and colourful treasures including her green leather couch and collection of antique wooden furniture.     

“I am so happy with the Mason Poppies wallpaper. I think that the colours all match and blend perfectly,” says Caroline.

Classic Mason handcrafted wallpapers offer the option to choose your own colours and Caroline jumped at the chance to get creative with her colour palette.

 “I am the first person in the world to have this wallpaper with this specific colour combination!” 

The surrounding walls in the living room were given a glamorous update with Resene Wallpaper Collection ARC804. Caroline continued the dusky golden hue through the dining space and into the kitchen. She used the habitat plus - Wallpaper bookletto find kitchen colours that complemented the wallpaper.

Looking beyond the kitchen’s classic layout, Caroline created a contemporary space using bright Resene Tuscany and deep purple Resene Chapta And Verse on the cabinetry with Resene Quarter Spanish White on the trim.

“When I first bought the home it was plain but it had good bones,” says Caroline.

“I knew that my creativity and artistic flair could enhance the value and that I would love living in the vision I was going to create.

“I chose colours that I loved, terracotta and dark lavender. It’s very peaceful and I’ve also got a rooster plate on the wall which has an amazing lavender tail.”

Caroline’s bedroom is a timber retreat, with plywood walls finished in rich Resene Colorwood Natural. The stained timber walls create an earthy atmosphere and vibrant floral arrangements give the space a natural boost. Caroline says she has no regrets choosing to use Resene products. “I have been using nothing but Resene products for almost fifty years,” she says.

“I chose Resene because I have always known their products and customer service to be second to none!”  

“Honestly the space looks outstanding,” says Caroline. “When I walk into my home there’s one thing I feel: peace. It’s such a peaceful space now. 

“Completing this renovation has made me realise it doesn’t matter what circumstances you’re in, you can move on and be happy. I want to give other people that hope.”

Top tip: Finish your kitchen cabinetry in Resene AquaLAQ for a durable finish that has excellent UV resistance.

‘Merlin’s Requiem’ is a haven for Caroline where she can let her true interior design colours shine with gold Resene Wallpaper Collection ARC804, Resene Indian Ink Mason Poppies wallpaper and floral Resene Wallpaper Collection GLA707 flowing together in the space.  


Resene Wallpaper Collection GLA707 first caught Caroline’s eye when she walked past a Resene ColorShop window. It soon became the starting point for her entire home renovation.

Caroline’s vibrant kitchen features walls in gold Resene Wallpaper Collection ARC804. Her colourful cabinetry is in Resene Tuscany and Resene Chapta And Verse.


Caroline is the first person in the world to have this specific colour combination in the Mason Poppies wallpaper. She chose Resene Indian Ink, Resene White, Resene Bedrock and Resene Gold Dust.

The large open plan dining and living area was given a glamorous touch with Resene Wallpaper Collection ARC804 that complements her furniture.

In the master bedroom, Caroline brought the plywood walls to life with rich Resene Colorwood Natural wood stain. 

The luscious vegetation that surrounds Merlin’s Requiem has inspired the beautiful blooms of the wallpaper inside. Her home is next to one and a half acres of council reserve.

Caroline is surrounded by her pets Rupert, Daisy-Mae and Emerald. She named her home in remembrance of her red Persian, Merlin.

Published: 05 Aug 2021

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