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Rocking on in Palmy

22 Nov 2017

Take nearly 6000 painted rocks, hundreds of willing participants, and what do you get? A giant koru made up of painted rocks. The Palmy Rocks initiative recently held a fun Rhythm n Rocks event in The Square, Palmerston North, to celebrate the wonderful artists and diversity of the rock painting. Local rock star Heather Knox got the idea to paint rocks from the United States more than a year ago and has used it to encourage outdoor activity. The concept is simple. You paint a rock and hide it in a public park for others to discover. They can either keep the rock or hide it again for others to find. The concept has now spread to many other areas all over New Zealand.

The rocks received for the koru event will be put back into parks and reserves during November and December to ensure the hiding and hunting continued through summer. To see more about Palmy Rocks here and see more photos of the event here

Published: 22 Nov 2017