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Bid on artwork from The Block NZ in support of StarJam

28 Aug 2019

The heartfelt artworks created with Resene paints in this week’s Resene Art Challenge as seen on The Block NZ are now up for auction, with all proceeds going to StarJam.

Behind StarJam is a passionate crew who believe that anything is possible through music and performance. They are dedicated to making a real difference in the lives of ‘Jammers’, their families and all New Zealanders as part of a movement where every person with a disability is accepted, encouraged and celebrated.

Take a closer look and put in your bids at

Stacey & Adam 

As an artist by trade, Adam created an expressive piece of art showing colour exploding from a box. Stacey chose to fill a water gun with paint for a paint splattered effect.

Lisa & Ribz

Lisa & Ribz chose to create bold and punchy yet simple pieces to express their creativity.

Sophia & Mikaere

As a couple who met at art school, Sophia & Mikaere created pieces of art bursting with colour. Mikaere painted a bird on a large scale to inspire, whereas Sophia painted a dancing circle of limbs to represent movement and shapes.

Ethan & Sam

Ethan & Sam’s colourful and bold painting was inspired by the work of StarJam and is intended to make a grand, colourful statement.