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The Block NZ recap: kid's play

06 Jul 2017

As The Block NZ kicks the week off, the teams were sent their first room brief – creating a kid's bedroom. This week the teams had to spin the wheel of fortune, each given a gender and age to meet their design brief depending on where the arrow falls.

Keeping with the kid's brief, the teams had fun with colour, from the pink Resene Blackboard Paint in one of the team's rooms, to another in deep azurite blue Resene Billabong. Here are their looks.

House 1 - Ling & Zing

The boys' brief was for a three-year-old girl's bedroom, painting the walls in Resene Alabaster and adding a classic girl's pink chalk wall, using Resene Blackboard Paint in pink.

Although they did their best to stick to the brief to make the space creative and fun, judge Jason Bonham said the team needed to refine their execution. There were also questions around the placement of a power point high in the wall.

House 2 - Andy & Nate

Andy and Nate made a bedroom for a 16-year-old girl. The judges loved all the accessories, from the backlight mirror to the the neon light on the bedside table, to the wooden handcraft ‘wild’ on the wall and praised the plush carpet with the timber bed. And although the judges liked the walk-in wardrobe, they wanted to see more hanging space.

Jason especially loved the bold pink wall in Resene Vanilla Ice, and paired with Resene Eighth Thorndon Cream, saying the use of the colour made the bedroom look feminine cool.

Andy and Nate’s hard work paid off, with the brothers-in-law winning this week’s room reveal.

House 3 - Julia & Ali

Julia and Ali were asked to design a bedroom for a six-year-old boy. The twins went with soft green for the palette, painting the walls in Resene Soft Green and Resene Alpaca, along with a custom light feature. 

The judges were positive about the jungle theme calling it on trend. However they felt the brief wasn't met, saying it felt like they tried to be bold and different, but the execution wasn't there. 

House 4 - Stace & Yanita

Stace and Yanita's bedroom was designed for a 13-year-old boy, with a customised American Oak folding desk, which wrapped around from ceiling down to the wall.

They painted the walls in Resene Half Black White, with a feature wall in Resene Billabong, which the judges loved... but wished there was more of.

The team had met the brief but played it safe, said the judges – the room needed to be much more interesting.

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